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Abbreviation Buster

Chris 42 RQ

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Many a time I have been frustrated by "abbreviations" , a recent example was "PISH" that appeared in one of the threads, how many times have we been stumped by simple letters used,sometimes as a disguise.

How about a section that deals with all those "not very well known" abbreviations that abound within the collecting sphere ?

Excellent idea chaps!B)

I for one will benefit as i only usually study the german stuff and it drives Mick mad when im helping him on the stall and i get mixed up with all the different descriptions!









Not being a shell collector, I have also been confused with some abbreviations on ordnance. A simple one eluded me until quite recently, ie. PRF on some grenades and anti tank rounds. Of course it means Plug Representing Fuse.
One abbreviation it took me ages to find out was on a black 2" mortar round with inert fuse and filling, marked P of TU. It means Proof of Tube, ie. a proof round. Why use one word when you can use three !
If everyone pitches in with there information, I will make an alphabetical list of all these abbreviations and find a way of making it available to all in the form of a word document or PDF file which can be updated.

So lets have all those abbreviations please :eek:hmy:





Appeared on an experimental 57 MM 6 Pounder projectile circa 1955 (?)

The nose is actually soft with a hardening of the body towards the rear.

Almost certainly another one of those "oddball" idea's that never really made it.
APC Armour Piercing Capped.

APCBC Armour Piercing Capped Ballistic Capped.

APCR Armour Piecing Composite Rigid.

APCNR Armour Piercing Composite Non Rigid.

There are a few more, Weasel.
AA anti-aircraft
AAA anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
AAAV Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
AAD Armoured Amphibious Dozer
AAG anti-aircraft gun
AAK Appliqu Armor Kit (US)
AAN Army After Next
AAPC Advanced Armoured Personnel Carrier (Turkey)
AARADCOM Army Armament Research And Development COMmand
AAV Assault Amphibian Vehicle
AB Air Burst
ABC Automatic Brightness Control
ABIT Advanced Built-In Test
ABM Air Burst(ing) Munition
ABMS Air Bursting Munition System
ABRO Army Base Repair Organisation
ABS Air-Bursting System
ABS Anti-skid Braking System
ABSV Armoured Battlegroup Support Vehicle
AC Alternating Current
ACA Ammunition Container Assembly
ACAVP Advanced Composite Armoured Vehicle Platform (UK)
ACCE Abrams/Crusader Common Engine
ACCV Armored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle (US)
ACE Armored Combat Earthmover (US)
ACH Advanced Combat Helmet
ACLOS Automatic Command to Line of Sight
ACOG Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight
ACP Automatic Colt Pistol
ACR Advanced Combat Rifle
ACRV Armoured Command and Reconnaissance Vehicle
ACS Artillery Communications System
ACV Armored Cannon Vehicle (US)
ACV Armoured Combat Vehicle
ACVT Armored Combat Vehicle Technology Program (US)
ADAM Area Denial Artillery Munition
ADAMS Air Defense Advanced Mobile System (US)
ADATS Air Defence Anti-Tank System
ADEA Army Development and Employment Agency
ADI Australian Defence Industries
AE Action Express
AEV armoured engineer vehicle
AF air force
AFARV Armored, Forward Area, Re-arm Vehicle (US)
AFAS Advanced Field Artillery System
AFCS Automatic Fire-Control Systems
AFD automatic feeding device
AFSV Armoured Fire Support Vehicle
AFV Armored Family of Vehicles (US)
AFV armoured fighting vehicle
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGF Army Ground Forces
AGL above ground level
AGL Automatic Grenade Launcher
AGLS Automatic Gun Laying System
AGS Armored Gun System (US)
AGV Assault Gun Vehicle
AGVT Advanced Ground Vehicle Technology
Ah ampere hour
AICS Accuracy International Chassis System
AICW Advanced Individual Combat Weapon
AIFS Advanced Indirect Fire System
AIFV armoured infantry fighting vehicle
AIPS Advanced Integrated Propulsion System (US)
ALAAVS Advanced Light Armored/Amphibious Vehicle System (US)
ALC Advanced Land Combat (US)
ALICE All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment
ALS Advanced Laying System
ALSV Armoured Logistics Support Vehicle
ALT Armoured Launching Turret
AMC U.S. Army Materiel Command
AMC Advanced Mortar Carrier (Turkey)
AMCCOM Armament Munitions and Chemical Command
AMDS Anti-Missile Discarding Sabot
AMF Amphibische Mehrzweck-Fahrzeuge (multipurpose amphibious vehicle)
AML Automitrailleuse Lgиre (light armoured car)
AMLCD Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMOS Advanced Mortar System
AMR Anti-materiel rifle
AMR Automitrailleuse de Reconnaissance
AMRWS Advanced Multi-Role Weapon Station
AMS Armoured Mortar System
AMS-H Advanced Missile System - Heavy
AMX Atelier de Construction d'Issy-les-Moulineaux
ANAD Anniston Army Depot
AOI Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
AOS add-on stabilisation
AP Anti-Personnel
AP armour-piercing
APAM anti-personnel, anti-matriel
APC armour-piercing capped
APC armoured personnel carrier
APC-T armour-piercing capped - tracer
APCT-BF armour-piercing capped tracer - base fuze
APDS armour-piercing discarding sabot
APDS-T armour-piercing discarding sabot - tracer
APE Amphibisches Pionier-Erkundungsfahrzeug (amphibious front-line reconnaissance vehicle)
APEP Armour-Piercing Enhancement Programme
APERS anti-personnel
APERS-T anti-personnel tracer
APFIDS armour-piercing fragmentation incendiary discarding sabot
APFSDS-T armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot - tracer
'APFSDS(P) armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot (practice)
APFSDSDU Armour Piercing Fin-Stabilised Discarding Sabot, Depleted Uranium
APG Aberdeen Proving Grounds
APGM Autonomous Precision-Guided Munition
APHE armour-piercing high explosive
API armour-piercing incendiary
APIT armour-piercing incendiary tracer
APM anti-personnel mine
APS Advanced Propulsion System
APS Artillery Pointing System
APSA Armour Piercing Secondary Effect
APSE armour-piercing secondary effect
APSE-T armour-piercing secondary effect - tracer
APT armour-piercing tracer
APTE Abrams Power Train Evolution (US)
APU auxiliary power unit
APV armoured patrol vehicle
AR Assault Rifle
AR/AAV Armored Reconnaissance/Airborne Assault Vehicle (US)
ARD Anti-Reflective Device
ARDEC Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center
ARDNOT Automatic Day/Night Optical Tracker
ARE Atelier de Construction Roanne
ARETS Armour Remote Target System
ARMAD Armoured and Mechanised Unit Air Defence
ARMSCOR Armament Manufacturing Corporation (South Africa)
ARMVAL Anti-Armor Vehicle Evaluation (US)
ARP anti-radiation projectile
ARP Armoured Repair Plates
ARRADCOM Armament Research and Development Command
ARRV Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
ARSV Armored Reconnaissance Scout Vehicle (US)
ART Armoured Recon Transport
ARV armoured recovery vehicle
ASA Advanced Security Agency
ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASCOD Austrian Spanish Co-operative Development
ASM Armored Systems Modernisation (US)
ASP Automatic, Self-Powered
ASTROS Artillery Saturation Rocket System (Brazil)
ASV Armored Security Vehicle (US)
ASV ammunition supply vehicle
AT anti-tank
AT All Terrain
ATACS Advanced Tank Cannon System (US)
ATAS Automatic Target Acquisition System
ATCAS Advanced Towed Cannon System
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstration
ATD Advanced Technology Demonstrator (US)
ATD Automatic Target Detection
ATDT Automatic Target Detection and Tracking
ATDU Armoured Trials and Development Unit (UK)
ATFCS Automated Targeting and Fire Control System
ATG anti-tank gun
ATGL Anti-Tank Grenade Launcher
ATGM anti-Tank Guided Missile
ATGW anti-tank guided weapon
ATK Alliant Techsystems
ATLAS Advanced Technology Light Artillery System
ATLV Artillery Target Location Vehicle
ATM anti-tank mine
ATR - EDS Automotive Test Rig - Electric Drive System
ATS Atelier de Construction de Tarbes
ATTC All Terrain Tracked Carrier
ATTS Air Transportable Towed System
ATV All Terrain Vehicle
ATV Armoured TOW Vehicle (Turkey)
AUG Armee Universal Gewehr
AVF Armoured Fighting Vehicle
AVGP Armoured Vehicle General Purpose (Canada)
AVH Armoured Vehicle Heavy
AVL Armoured Vehicle Light
AVLB armoured vehicle-launched bridge
AVM Armoured Vehicle Medium
AVR armoured vehicle reconnaissance
AVRE Armoured Vehicle Royal Engineers (UK)
AVT Advanced Vehicle Technologies (US)
AWE Advanced Warfighting Experiment

[edit] B
BAe British Aerospace
BARV Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle
BASE British Aerospace Systems and Equipment
BATES Battlefield Artillery Target Engagement System
BB base bleed
BBSP Blow Back Shifted Pulse
BCC battery control centre
BCP Battery Command Post
BCT Brigade Combat Team (US)
BCT Basic Combat Training
BCV Battle Command Vehicle
BD base detonating
BDA Browning Double Action or Bomb Damage Assessment
BDM Bunker Demolition Munition
BDU Battle Dress Uniform
BE base ejection
BFA Blank-firing adaptor or blank firing attachment
BFV Bradley Fighting Vehicle
BGT Brigade Combat Team
bhp brake horsepower
BIFF Battlefield Identification Friend or Foe
BILL Bofors, Infantry, Light and Lethal
BITE built-in test equipment
BL Blank
BL-T black tracer
BLITS Beta Lighted Infantry Telescope System
BLR Blindado Ligero de Ruedas
BMF Belgian Mechanical Fabrication
BMNT Begin Morning Nautical Twilight
BMP Pronounced "bimp". A Former Warsaw Pact IFV
BMR Blindado Medio de Ruedas
BMS Battalion Mortar System
BMS Battlefield Management System
BNS Bill Night Sight
BOCV Battery Operations Centre Vehicle
BOL Bearing Only Launch
BOLTS Bolt On Loading Tray System
BOSS Ballistic Optimizing Shooting System
BPS Battery Power Source
BSP Bright Source Protection
BST Basic Skills Trainer
BT Bullet Trap
BTA best technical approach
BTU Bullet Trap Universal
BUA BILL Under Armour or Built Up Area
BW Bacteriological Warfare
BX Bionix

[edit] C
C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
CAD computer-assisted design
CAL Canadian Arsenals Limited
CAP Combustible Augmented Plasma
CARRV Challenger Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
CAT/FCS Command Adjusted Trajectory/Fire-Control System (US)
CAT/LCV Combined Arms Team/Lightweight Combat Vehicle (US)
CATT Combined Arms Tactical Trainer (UK)
CATT-B Component Advanced Technology TestBed (US)
CAV Composite Armored Vehicle (US)
CAWS Cannon Artillery Weapons Systems (US)
CCC combustible cartridge case
CCD charge-coupled device
CCO Close Combat Optic
CCP Computer Control Panel
CCR Crown Copyright Reserved
CCTV closed-circuit television
CCU Central Control Unit
CCV Close Combat Vehicle
CCV Command and Control Vehicle (US)
CCV-L Close Combat Vehicle - Light
cd candela
CDA Combat Defensive Action
CDM Coastal Defence Missile
CDU Command Display Unit
CDU Computer Display Unit
CE Chemical Energy
CECOM Communications-Electronics Command
CEFO Combat Equipment Fighting Order (webbing contents)
CENTCOM Central Command
CEP Circular Error of Probability
CEPP Controlled Effect Police Projectile
CET Combat Engineer Tractor
CEU Computer Electronics Unit
CEV combat engineer vehicle
CF controlled fragmentation
CFE Conventional Forces Europe
CFV Cavalry Fighting Vehicle (US)
CGS Crew Gunnery Simulator
CHA Cast Homogeneous Armour
CHARM Challenger Chieftain Armament
CHIP Challenger Improvement Programme
CIFV Composite Infantry Fighting Vehicle
CILAS Compagnie Industrielle des Lasers
CIS Chartered Industries of Singapore
CIS Commonwealth of Independent States
CITV Commander's Independent Thermal Viewer (US)
CIWS Close-In Weapons System
CLAMS Clear Lane Marking System (US)
CLASS Computerised Laser Sight System
CLAWS Close Combat Light Armor Weapon System (US)
CLGP Cannon-Launched Guided Projectile (US)
CLOS Command to Line Of Sight
CLU Command Launch Unit
CM Colour-Marking or "Continue Mission"
CMS Common Missile System
CMS Compact Modular Sight
CMT Cadmium Mercury Telluride
CMV Combat Mobility Vehicle (US)
CNVD Clip-on Night Vision Device
COG Course Over Ground
Comp B Composition B
COMVAT Combat Vehicles Armament Technology (US)
COS Chief of Section
COTAC Conduite de Tir Automatique pour Char (tank automatic fire)
COTS Commercial-off-the-shelf
COV Counter Obstacle Vehicle (US)
CP concrete-piercing
CPR Common Practice Round
CPS Cardinal Points Specification (UK)
CPV command post vehicle
CQB Close Quarters Battle
CQBW Close Quarters Battle Weapon
CR Capability Requirement
CRISAT Collaborative Research Into Small Arms Technology
CRR Carro de Reconhecimento Sobre Rodas (reconnaissance tracking scout car)
CRT cathode ray tube
CRU Cable Reel Unit
CS Communications Subsystem
CS Confined Space
CSB Combat Support Boat
CSF Combined Service Forces
CSI computer-synthesised image
CSS Computer Sighting System
CTA Case Telescoped Ammunition
CTD Concept Technology Demonstrator
CTI Central Tyre Inflation
CTIS Central Tyre Inflation System
CTR Close Target Recce
CTRA Carro de Transporte Sobre Rodas Anfibo (amphibious tracking scout car)
CTT Challenger Training Tank
CV90 Combat Vehicle 90
CVAST Combat Vehicle Armament System Technology (US)
CVR(T) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) (UK)
CVR(W) Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Wheeled) (UK)
CVRDE Combat Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (India)
CVT controlled variable time
CVTTS Combat Vehicle Targeting System
CW Chemical Warfare
CWR continuous wave radar
CWS cupola weapon station

[edit] D
DA Double Action
DAHA dual axis head assembly
DAO Double Action Only
DARCOM US Army Matriel Development and Readiness Command
DAREOD Damaged Airfield Reconnaissance Explosive Ordnance Disposal
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DAS Defensive Aid System/Suite
DASP Demountable Artillery Surveillance Pod
DC Direct Current
DCA Dfense Contre Avions (anti-aircraft)
DCCT Dismounted Close Combat Trainer
DD Detroit Diesel
DDA Detroit Diesel Allison
DDS Department of Defense Support
DDU digital display unit
DECA Digital Electronic Control Assembly
DEFA Direction des tudes et Fabrications d'Armement
DERA Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (UK)
DESO Defence Export Sales Organisation (UK)
DFCS Digital Fire-Control System
DFSV Direct Fire Support Vehicle
DFV Desert Fighting Vehicle
DHSS Data Handling SubSystem
DIA Defense Intelligence Agency (US)
DICON Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria
DIP driver instrument panel
DMC Digital Magnetic Compass
DMR Dedicated Marksman Rifle
DMU Distance Measurement Unit
DNRS Day/Night Range Sight
DoD Department of Defense (US)
DOP Department of Productivity
DP Demonstration Purpose
DP Dual Purpose
DPA Defence Procurement Agency (UK)
DPICM Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munition (US)
DPTR Diopter
DRA Defence Research Agency (UK)
DROPS Demountable Rack Offloading and Pick-up System
DS/T practice discarding sabot/tracer
DSACS Direct Support Armored Cannon System (US)
DSETS Direct Support Electrical Test System
DSO Defence Sales Organisation
DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle (US)
DSWS Division Support Weapon System
DTAT Direction Technique des Armements Terrestres
DTT Driver Training Tank
DU depleted uranium
DV Demining Vehicle
DVE Driver's Vision Enhancer
DWFK Deep Water Fording Kit

[edit] E
EAAK Enhanced Appliqu Armor Kit (US)
EAOS Enhanced Artillery Observation System
EBG Engin Blind Gnie (armoured combat vehicle)
EBR Engin Blind de Reconnaissance (armoured reconnaissance vehicle)
EBRC Engine Blind roues de Contact
EC Enhanced Carbine
ECM Electronic countermeasures
ECOS Enhanced Combat Optical Sight
ECS Environmental Control Subsystem
ECV Enhanced Capacity Vehicle
EDS Electric Drive System
EFAB Etablissement d'Etudes et de Fabrications d'Armement de Bourges
EFC equivalent full charge
EFCR equivalent full charge rounds
EFM Explosives Factory Maribyrnong
EFP Expanded Feasibility Phase
EFP Explosively Formed Penetrator
EFVS Electronic Fighting Vehicle System (US)
EG External Gun
EGLM Enhanced Grenade Launcher Module
ELB Extended Life Barrel
ELKE Elevated Kinetic Energy Weapon (US)
ELS Electromagnetic Launcher System
ELSAP Elektronische Schiessanlage fr Panzer (electronic fire system for tanks)
EM electromagnetic
EMC Executive Management Committee
EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development
EMDG Euromissile Dynamics Group
EMG externally mounted gun
EMP electromagnetic pulse
ENGESA Engesa Engenheiros Especializados (Brazil)
EOD explosive ordnance disposal
EOR Explosive Ordnance Reconnaissance
EOTS Electro-Optical Tracking System
EPC electronic plane conversion
EPC Engin Principal de Combat (future main battle tank)
EPG Enhanced Performance Grenade
EPG European Production Group
EPG European Programme Group
EPS Electrical Power Subsystem
EPU Electronics Processing Unit
ER enhanced radiation
ER extended range
ERA explosive reactive armour
ERA extended range ammunition
ERC Engin de Reconnaissance Canon
ERFB extended range full-bore
ERFB-BB extended range full-bore - base bleed
ERGFCDS Extended Range Gunnery Fire-Control Demonstration System
ERGP extended range guided projectile
ERMIS Extended Range Modification Integration System
ERP Extended Range Projectile
ERSC extended range subcalibre
ERV emergency rescue vehicle
ERV Engineer Reconnaissance Vehicle
ES Extreme Spread
ESAF Elecronic Safety and Arm Function
ESD Electronique Serge Dassault
ESLDE Eyesafe Laser Daylight Elbow
ESPAWS Enhanced Self-Propelled Artillery Weapon System (US)
ESRS electro-slag refined steel
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC ElectroThermal Cannon
ETM Electronic Technical Manuals
ETS Elevated TOW System
ETS Engineer Tank System
EW electronic warfare
EWK Eisenwerke Kaiserslautern Gцppner
EWS external weapon station

[edit] F
FAAD Forward Area Air Defense (US)
FAAR Forward Area Alerting Radar (US)
FAASV Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicle (US)
FACE Field Artillery Computer Equipment
FAL Fusil Automatique Lйgиre
FAPDS Frangible Armour Piercing Discarding Sabot
FARS field artillery rocket system
FARV-A Future Armored Resupply Vehicle - Artillery (US)
FAST Forward Area Support Team
FAV Fast Attack Vehicle (US)
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBRV Future Beach Recovery Vehicle (UK)
FCC Fire Command Centre
FCC Fire-Control Computer
FCCVS Future Close-Combat Vehicle System (US)
FCE fire-control equipment
FCLV Future Command and Liaison Vehicle (UK)
FCS fire-control system/subsystem
FCS Future Combat System
FCU Fire Control Unit
FDC fire direction centre
FDCV fire direction centre vehicle
FDSWS Future Direct Support Weapon System
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
FEP Firepower Enhancement Programme
FET Future Engineer Tank
FFAR Folding Fin Aerial Rocket
FFE Fire for Effect
FFSS Future Fighting Soldier System
FG field gun
FH field howitzer
FIBUA Fighting In Built-Up Areas
FIFV Future Infantry Fighting Vehicle (US)
FIRM Floating Integrated Rail Mount
FIS Fuze Interface System
FISH Fighting In Someone's House
FIST Future Integrated Soldier Technology, FIre Support Team
FISTV Fire Support Team Vehicle (US)
FITOW Further Improved TOW (US)
FLEA Frangible Low Energy Ammunition
FLIR forward-looking infra-red
FLOT forward line of own troops
FLSW Future Light Support Weapon
FM Titanium tetrachloride (code designation)
FMBS Family of Muzzle Brake/Suppressors
FMC Food Machinery Corporation
FMJ Full Metal Jacket
FMJBT Full Metal Jacket Boat Tail
FMJLF Full Metal Jacket Lead Free
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FMTV Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles
FN Fabrique Nationale
FOB Forward Operating Base
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOG Fibre Optic Gyro
FOM Fibre Optic Missile
FOO forward observation officer
FORTIS Forward Observation and Reconnaissance Thermal Imaging System
FOTT Follow On To TOW
FOV field of view
FPA Focal Plane Array
FRAG fragmentation
FRAGO FRAGmentary Order. (see OPORD)
FRES Future Rapid Effects System
FROG free rocket over ground
FSCV fire support combat vehicle
FSED full-scale engineering development (US)
FST Future Soviet Tank/Follow-on Soviet Tank
FSV fire support vehicle
FSV Future Scout Vehicle (US)
FTA Frangible Training Ammunition
FTMA Future Tank Main Armament
FTS Future Tank Study
FTT Field Tactical Trainer
FUE First Unit Equipped
FUG Felderitц Usу Gpkosci
FV fighting vehicle
FV/GCE fighting vehicle gun control equipment
FVDD Fighting Vehicle Development Division
FVRDE Fighting Vehicle Research and Development Establishment (UK)
FVS Fighting Vehicle System (US)
FVSC Fighting Vehicle Systems Carrier (US)
FY fiscal year

[edit] G
g gramme(s)
G gendarmerie
GAMA Gun Automatic Multiple Ammunition
GAO General Accounting Office
GAP Gun Aiming Post
GBAD Ground Based Air Defence
GCE gun control equipment
GCT Grande Cadence de Tir (high rate of fire)
GCU Gun Control Unit
GCW Gross Combat Weight
GD General Dynamics
GDLS General Dynamics Land Systems
GDU Gun Display Unit
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GH gun-howitzer
GIAT Groupement Industriel des Armements Terrestres
GL Grenade Launcher
GLC gun lay computer
GLDNSM Grenade Launcher Day-Night Sight Mount
GLH-H Ground-Launched Hellfire-Heavy (US)
GLLD Ground Laser Locator Designator (US)
GLS Gesellschaft fьr Logistischen Service
GM, MVO General Motors, Military Vehicle Operations
GMC General Motors Corporation
GMG Grenade Machine Gun
GMLRS Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System
GMS Gun Management System
GOCO government-owned, contractor-operated (US)
GP General Purpose
GP guided projectile
GPMG General Purpose Machine Gun
GPO gun position officer
GPS Global Positioning System
GPS gunner's primary sight
GPSS Gunner's Primary Sight Subsystem
GREM Grenade Rifle Entry Munition
GRU Glavnoe Razvedyvatel'noe Upravlenie, meaning Main Intelligence Directorate
GSR General Staff Requirement (US)
GSRS General Support Rocket System
GST General Staff Target
GST Gesellschaft fьr System-Technik
GTCS Gun Test and Control System
GTI German Tank Improvement
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GW guided weapon

[edit] H
h hour(s)
H&K Heckler and Koch
HAB Heavy Assault Bridge (US)
HAG Heavy Artillery Gun
HALO High Altitude Low Opening, High Activity/Low Observable
HAWK Homing-All-the-Way-Killer (US)
HB heavy barrel
HBAR Heavy Barrel Assault Rifle
HC Hexachloroethane/zinc
HC high capacity
HC Hollow Charge
HCER high-capacity extended range
HCHE high-capacity high explosive
HCT HOT Compact Turret
HDS HOLOgraphic Diffraction Sight
HE high explosive
HE-APERS high-explosive anti-personnel
HE-FRAG high-explosive fragmentation
HE-FRAG-FS high-explosive fragmentation - fin-stabilised
HE-FS high-explosive - fin-stabilised
HE-S high-explosive spotting
HE-T high-explosive tracer
HE/PR high-explosive practice
HEAA High Explosive Anti-Armour
HEAB High Explosive Air Burst
HEAP High Explosive Armor Piercing
HEAP-T high-explosive anti-personnel - tracer
HEAT high-explosive anti-tank
HEAT-FS high-explosive anti-tank fin-stabilised
HEAT-MP high-explosive anti-tank multipurpose
HEAT-MP(P) high-explosive anti-tank multipurpose (practice)
HEAT-T high-explosive anti-tank - tracer
HEAT-T-HVY high-explosive anti-tank - tracer - heavy
HEAT-T-MP high-explosive anti-tank - tracer - multipurpose
HEAT-TP-T high-explosive anti-tank - target practice - tracer
HED-D Hybrid Electric Drive-Demonstrator
HEDP high-explosive dual-purpose
HEER High-Explosive Extended Range (US)
HEF High Explosive Fragmentation
HEFT High Explosive Follow Through
HEI high-explosive incendiary
HEIT high-explosive incendiary tracer
HEL High-Energy Laser (US)
HEL Human Engineering Laboratory (US)
HELP Howitzer Extended Life Program (US)
HEMAT Heavy Expanded Mobility Ammunition Trailer (US)
HEMP High Explosive Multi-Purpose
HEMTT Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Truck (US)
HEP high-explosive plastic
HEP-T high-explosive practice - tracer
HEPD high-explosive point detonating
HERA high-explosive rocket-assisted
HESH high-explosive squash head
HESH-T high-explosive squash head - tracer
HET-PF high-explosive tracer - percussion fuze
HETF High Explosive Time Fuzed
HETS Heavy Equipment Transport System
HFCC Howitzer Fire-Control Computer (US)
HFHTB Human Factors Howitzer TestBed (US)
HFM Heavy Force Modernisation (US)
HIFV Heavy Infantry Fighting Vehicle
HIMAG High-Mobility Agility Test Vehicle (US)
HIMARS High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (US)
HIP Howitzer Improvement Program (US)
HIRE Hughes Infra-Red Equipment
HITP High Ignition Temperature Propellant
HIU Heading Indicator Unit
HMC Howitzer Motor Carriage
HMD Helmet-Mounted Display
HMG Heavy Machine Gun
HMLC High-Mobility Load Carrier
HMMWV High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HOE Holographic Optical Element
HOT Haute subsonique Optiquement Tlguid
How howitzer
HP High Power; Hollow Point
hp horsepower
HPFP High-Performance Fragmentation Projectile
HPS Helmet Pointing System (or Sight)
HPT high-pressure test
HRU Heading Reference Unit
HSS Hunter Sensor Suite
HSTV(L) High-Survivability Test Vehicle (Lightweight) (US)
HTTB High-Technology TestBed (US)
HVAP high-velocity armour-piercing
HVAP-T high-velocity armour-piercing tracer
HVAPDS-T high-velocity armour-piercing discarding sabot - tracer
HVAPFSDS high-velocity armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot
HVCC High Velocity Canister Cartridge
HVM Hypervelocity Missile
HVSS horizontal volute spring suspension
HVSW Hypervelocity Support Weapon
HVTP-T high-velocity target practice - tracer
HWSTD High Water Speed Technology Demonstrator
HYPAK Hydraulic Power Assist Kit

[edit] I
I Incendiary
IAFV infantry armoured fighting vehicle
IAI Israel Aircraft Industries
IAL Infra-red Aiming Light
IASD Instant Ammunition Selection Device
IBAS Improved Bradley Acquisition System
ICC information co-ordination centre
ICM improved conventional munition
ICM BB improved conventional munition base bleed
ICV Infantry Combat Vehicle
IDF Israel Defence Forces
IDW Individual Defence Weapon
IEPG Independent European Program Group
IFCS Improved/Integrated Fire-Control System
IFF Identification Friend or Foe
IFV infantry fighting vehicle
IFVwCM Infantry Fighting Vehicle with Integrated Countermeasures (US)
IGLS Individual Grenade Launcher System
II image intensification/intensifier
IIR Imaging Infra-Red
ILL illuminating
ILMS Improved Launcher Mechanical System
ILS Integrated Logistic Support
IM Insensitive Munition(s)
IMMLC Improved Medium Mobility Load Carrier
IMU Inertial Measurement Unit
INSAS Indian Small Arms System
InSb Indium-antimonide
IOC initial operational capability
IOF Indian Ordnance Factory
IPF Initial Production Facility
IPO International Programme Office
IPPD Integrated Product Process Development
IR Infra-Red
IRBM intermediate-range ballistic missile
IRU Inertial Reference Unit
IS internal security
ISD In Service Date
ISGU Integrated Sight and Guidance Unit
ISU Integrated Sight Unit
ISV Internal Security Vehicle
ITAS Improved Target Acquisition System
ITOW Improved TOW
ITPIAL Infra-red Target Pointer/Illuminator/Aiming Laser
ITT Invitation To Tender
ITV Improved TOW Vehicle (US)
IVPDL Inter-Vehicle Positioning and Data Link (US)
IW Individual Weapon
IWS Improved Weapon System

[edit] J
JBMoU Joint Ballistic Memorandum of Understanding
JERRV Joint Engineer Rapid Response Vehicle
JGSDF Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force
JHP Jacketed hollow point
JLTA Javelin Composite Launch Tube
JMAC Joint Medium-calibre Automatic Cannon
JPO Joint Project Office
JSC Joint Steering Committee
JSCS Joint Service Combat Shotgun
JSDFA Japanese Self-Defence Force Agency
JSP Jacketed Soft Point
JSSAMP Joint Services Small Arms Master Plan
JSSAP Joint Services Small Arms Programme

[edit] K
KAAV Korean Armoured Amphibious Vehicle
KAC Knight's Armament Company
KE kinetic energy
KEC Kaman Electromagnetics Corporation
KEM Kinetic Energy Missile (US)
kg kilogramme(s)
KIA Killed in Action
KIFV Korean Infantry Fighting Vehicle
KPA Korea People's Army

[edit] L
LAAG light anti-aircraft gun
LAD light aid detachment
LADS light air defense system (US)
LAG Light Artillery Gun
LAM Laser Aiming Module
LAPES Low-Altitude Parachute Extraction System
LAR Light Automatic Rifle
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASIP Light Artillery System Improvement Plan
LATS Light Armoured Turret System
LAU Light Armoured Unit
LAV Light Armored Vehicle (US)
LAV Light Assault Vehicle (US)
LAV-AD Light Armored Vehicle - Air Defense
LAW light anti-tank weapon
LB Long Barrel
LC Laser Collimator
LCD Liquid crystal display
LCS Loader Control System
LCU Landing Craft Utility
LCV Light Contingency Vehicle (LCV) (US)
LD Low drag, Line of Departure
LE Law Enforcement
LED light emitting diode
LEP Life Extension Programme
LEU Launcher Erector Unit
LF ATGW Light Forces' Anti-Tank Guided Weapon
LF Linked Feed
LFHG Lightweight Fragmentation Hand Grenade
LFL Light Fighter Lethality
LIA Linear Induction Accelerator
LIMAWS Lightweight Mobile Artillery Weapon System
LION Lightweight Infra-red Observation Night sight
LIW Lyttleton Engineering Works
LKP Loader Keyboard Panel
LLAD low-level air defence
LLLTV low light level television
LLM Launcher Loader Module
LMAW Light Multi-purpose Assault Weapon
LMG light machine gun
LNS Land Navigation System
LNS Laying and Navigation System
LOAL Lock-On After Launch
LOBL Lock-On Before Launch
LOS Line Of Sight
LOSAT Line Of Sight Anti-Tank
LP Liquid Propellant
LP Listening Post
LPC Launch Pod Container
LPC Launcher Pod Carrier
LPG Liquid Propellant Gun
LPT Low-Profile Turret
LPTS Lightweight Protected Turret System
LR Long Rifle
LR Long-Range
LRAR Long Range Artillery Rocket
LRASS Long-Range Advanced Scout System
LRAT long-range anti-tank
LRBB long-range base bleed
LRD Long Range Deflagrator
LRF laser range-finder
LRF Low Recoil Force
LRHB long-range hollow base
LRIP Low-Rate Initial Production
LRM Laser Range-finder Module
LRN Lead Round Nose
LRSA Long Range Sniper Ammunition
LRSU Long Range Surveillance Unit
LRU Launcher Replenishment Unit
LRU Line Replacement Unit
LRU line-replaceable unit
LSS Lightweight Shotgun System
LSW Light Support Weapon
LTA Launch Tube Assembly
LTD laser target designator
LTFCS Laser Tank Fire-Control System
LTP Laser Target Pointer, Luminesant Training Projectile
LUTE Lightweight Uncooled Thermal Imager Equipment
LVA landing vehicle assault (US)
LVS Lightweight Video Sight
LVT landing vehicle tracked (US)
LVTC landing vehicle tracked command (US)
LVTE landing vehicle tracked engineer (US)
LVTH landing vehicle tracked howitzer (US)
LVTP landing vehicle tracked personnel (US)
LVTR landing vehicle tracked recovery (US)
LWC Lead Wad Cutter
LWIR Long Wave Infrared
LWL LightWeight Launcher
LWML LightWeight Multiple Launcher
LWMS LightWeight Modular Sight
LWS laser warning system
LWT light weapon turret

[edit] M
m metre(s)
m/s metres per second
MAC Medium Armored Car (US)
MACS Modular Artillery Charge System
MADLS Mobile Air Defence Launching System
MALOS Miniature Laser Optical Sight
MAMBA Mobile Artillery Monitoring Battlefield Radar
MAOV Mobile Artillery Observation Vehicle
MAP Military Aid Programme
MAPS Modular Azimuth Position System
MAR Micro Assault Rifle
MARDI Mobile Advanced Robotics Defence Initiative (UK)
MARS Mini Assault Rifle System
MARS Multi-purpose Aiming Reflex Sight
MARS Multiple Artillery Rocket System
MAV maintenance assist vehicle
MAVD MLRS Aim Verification Device
MBA main battle area
MBB Messerschmitt-Bцlkow-Blohm
MBC Mortar Ballistic Computer
MBT main battle tank
MCLOS Manual Command to Line Of Sight
MCRV Mechanised Combat Repair Vehicle
MCS Microclimate Conditioning System
MCS modular charge system
MCSK Mine Clearance System Kit (US)
MCT Medium Combat Tractor (US)
MCT Mercury Cadmium Telluride
MCV Mechanised Combat Vehicle
MCWL Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
MCWS Minor Calibre Weapons Station (US)
MDU Map Display Unit
MENS Mission Element Need Statement (US)
MEP Modular Explosive Penetrator
MEPSMilitary Entrance Processing Station
METT-TC Mission, Enemy, Terrain and weather, Troops and support available--Time available, Civilians
MEU(SOC) Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)
MEV medical evacuation vehicle (US)
MEWS Mobile Electronic Warfare System
MEWSS Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System
MF multifunction
MFC Mortar Fire Control(ler)
MFCS Multi-Fire Control System/Mortar Fore Control System
MFCV Missile Fire-Control Vehicle
MFF munition filling factory
MG machine gun
MGB Medium Girder Bridge
MGL Multiple Grenade Launcher
MGS Mobile Gun System
MGTS MultiGun Turret System
MGU Mid-course Guidance Unit
MI Military Intelligance
MICV mechanised infantry combat vehicle
MILAN Missile d'Infantrie Lger Antichar (light infantry anti-tank missile)
MILES Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System (US)
MIPS Medium Integrated Propulsion System (US)
MLA Manufacturing Licence Agreement
MLC Military Load Class
MLC Modular Load Carrier
MLI Mid-Life Improvement
MLO Muzzle Loaded Ordnance
MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System (US)
mm millimetre(s)
MMBF mean miles between failures
MMG Medium Machine Gun
MMS mast-mounted sight
MMS Modular Mounting System
MNVD Monocular Night Vision Device
MoA Memorandum of Agreement
MOA Minute Of Angle
MoD Ministry of Defence
MODA Ministry of Defence and Aviation
MOLF Modular Laser Fire Control (Germany)
MOLLE MOdular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment
MoU Memorandum of Understanding
MOUT Military Operations in Urban Terrain (urban warfare)
MP Machine Pistol
MPBAV MultiPurpose Base Armoured Vehicle
MPC MultiPurpose Carrier (Netherlands)
MPGS Mobile Protected Gun System (US)
MPI Mean Point of Impact
MPIM MultiPurpose Individual Munition
MPM MultiPurpose Munition
MPS Maritime Prepositioning Ships (US)
MPV Multi-Purpose Vehicle
MPWS Mobile Protected Weapon System (US)
MR Medium Range
MRAP Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (Vehicle)
MRAR MultiRole Assault Round
MRAV MultiRole Armoured Vehicle
MRBF mean rounds before failure
MRS multiple rocket system
MRS muzzle reference system
MRSI Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact
MRV(R) Mechanised Recovery Vehicle (Repair)
MRVR Mechanised Repair and Recovery Vehicle (US)
MSR Missile Simulation Round
MSTAR Man-portable Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar
MSV Modular Support Vehicle
MT mechanical time
MTB Mobility TestBed
MTBF Mean Time Between Failure
MTI moving target indication
MTL Materials Technology Laboratory (US)
MTR Mobile Test Rig (US)
MTSQ mechanical time and super-quick
MTSQ Mechanical Time Semi-Quick
MTU Motoren- und Turbinen-Union
MTVL mobile tactical vehicle light
MUGS Multipurpose Universal Gunner Sight
MULE Modular Universal Laser Equipment (US)
MUSS Multifunctional Selfprotection System
MV muzzle velocity
MVEE Military Vehicles and Engineering Establishment
MVRS Muzzle Velocity Radar System
MWS Manned Weapon Station (US)
MWS Modular Weapon System

[edit] N
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NBC nuclear, biological, chemical
NBMR NATO Basic Military Requirement
NDI Non-Developmental Item
NDU Navigation Display Unit
NFOV Narrow Field Of View
NG New/Next Generation
Ni/Cd Nickel Cadmium
NLAW Next Light (weight) Anti-armour Weapon
NLOS-C Non-Line Of Sight-Cannon
NLOS-M Non-Line Of Sight-Mortar
NTC National Training Center (USA)
NUGP nominal unit ground pressure
NV Night Vision
NVD Night Vision Device
NVE Night Vision Equipment
NVESD Night Vision and Electronic Sensors Directorate
NVG Night Vision Goggle
NVS Night Vision System

[edit] O
OBR Optical Beam-Riding
OCC Obus Charge Creus (shaped-charge shell)
OCOKA Observation and fields of fire, Cover and concealment, Obstacles, Key terrain, and Avenues of Approach.
OCSW Objective Crew-Served Weapon
OCU Operational Centre Unit
ODE Ordnance Development and Engineering (Singapore)
OEG Occluded Eye Gunsight
OEO optical and electro-optical
OFSA Objective Family of Small Arms
OFSA One Size Fits All
OFW Objective Force Warrior
OHWS Offensive Hand Weapon System
OIC Officer In Charge
OICW Objective Individual Combat Weapon
OOTW Operations Other Than War
OP observation post
OP Operators Panel
OPCON OPerational CONtrol
OPDW Objective Personal Defense Weapon
OPORD OPerations Order
OPSEC OPerational SECurity
OPV Observation Post Vehicle
OSW Objective Sniper Weapon
OT operational test
OTA overflight top attack
OTEA Operational Test and Evaluation Agency (US)

[edit] P
P How pack howitzer
P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvements
PAR pulse acquisition radar
PAT power-assisted traverse
PC Personal Computer
PCB printed circuit board
PCC Police Compact Carbine
PCI Pre-combat inspection
PD Point Defense
PD point detonating
PD Point of Departure
PDNA Positioning Determining/Navigation Unit
PDRR Program Definition and Risk Reduction
PDW Personal Defence Weapon
PE Procurement Executive (UK)
PEC Printed Electronic Circuits
PFD proximity fuze disconnector
PFHE prefragmented high explosive
PFPX prefragmented proximity fuzed
PGMM Precision Guided Mortar Munition
PH Probability of Hit
Pi Probability of incapacitation
PIBD Point Initiating Base Detonated
PID Positive Identification
PIE pyrotechnically initiated explosive
PIP Product Improvement Programme
PL Phase Line
PLA People's Liberation Army
PLARS Position Location And Reporting System (US)
PLC Programmable Logic Control
PLO Palestinian Liberation Army
PLOS Predicted Line Of Sight
PLS Palletised Load System (US)
PM porte mortier (mortar carrier)
PM Product Manager
PMCS Preventative Maintenance Checks and Services
PMEE U.S. Air Force abbreviation for Prime Mission Electronic Equipment
PMO Program Management Office (US)
PMOD Platform Modifications
PMS Pedestal-Mounted Stinger
PNU Position Navigation Unit
POA&M Plan Of Action & Milestones
POF Pakistan Ordnance Factory
POS Postes Optiques de Surveillance
PPI plan position indicator
PPS Precise Positioning Service
PRAC practice
PRAC-T practice tracer
PRI projector reticle image
PSD Propulsion System Demonstrator
PSS Primary Sight System
PTO power take-off
PVP Petit Vhicule Protg
PW Prisoner of War
PWI-SR(GR) Panser Wagen Infanterie-Standaard (Groep)
PWP Plasticised White Phosphorus

[edit] Q
QCB Quick Change Barrel
QE quadrant elevation

[edit] R
RA Royal Artillery
RAAM Rifle-launched Anti-Armour Munition
RAAMS Remote Anti-Armor Mine System (US)
RAC Royal Armoured Corps
RADIRS Rapid Deployment Multiple Rocket System (US)
RAF Royal Air Force
RAM-D reliability, availability, maintainability and durability
RAO Rear Area Operations
RAP rocket-assisted projectile
RAPI Reactive Armour Protection
RARDE Royal Armament Research and Development Establishment (UK)
RATAC Radar de Tir pour L'Artillerie de Campagne (radar for field artillery fire)
RAW Rifleman's Assault Weapon
RBL Range and Bearing Launch
RC/MAS Reserve Component/Modified Armament System
RCAAS Remote-Controlled Anti-Armor System (US)
RCC Roland Co-ordination Center (US)
RCDU Remote-Controlled Defence Unit
RCL ReCoilLess
RCS Radar Cross Section
RCT Royal Corps of Transport
RCV Robotic Command Vehicle
RDF Rapid Deployment Forces
RDF/LT Rapid Deployment Force Light Tank (US)
RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force (US)
RDT&E Research Development Test and Evaluation
REME Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
RF Rimfire
RFAS Russian Federation and Associated States
RFI request for information
RFP request for proposals
RFPI Rapid Force Projection Initiative
RFQ Request For Quotations
RGGS Rifle Grenade General Service
RHA rolled homogeneous armour
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RIS Rail Interface System
RISE Reliability Improved Selected Equipment
RLC Royal Logistic Corps
RLEM Rifle-Launched Entry Munition
RLG Ring Laser Gyro
RMG ranging machine gun
RO Royal Ordnance
ROBAT Robotic Counter-Obstacle Vehicle (US)
RoC Republic of China
ROC required operational characteristics
ROE Rules Of Engagement
ROF Royal Ordnance Factory (UK)
ROF rate of fire
RoK Republic of Korea
RoKIT Republic of Korea Indigenous Tank
ROR range only radar
ROTA Royal Ordnance Training Ammunition
RP Red Phosphorus
RP rocket-propelled
RPC Rocket Pod Container
RPG Rocket Propelled Grenade
RPG Ruchnoy Protivotankovy Granatomyot
RPV remotely piloted vehicle
RR Recoilless Rifle
RRPR Reduced Range Practice Rocket
RRTR Reduced Range Training Round
RSAF Royal Small Arms Factory (UK) (now closed)
RSS Rosette Scanning Seeker
RTE Rifle Team Equipment
RTT Roues Transporteur de Troupes
RUC Royal Ulster Constabulary
RWS Remote Weapon Station

[edit] S
s second(s)
S&W Smith & Wesson
SABCA Socit Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aronautiques
SABR Selectable Assault Battle Rifle
SAC Small Arms Collimator
SACLOS Semi-Automatic Command to Line Of Sight
SADA Standard Advanced Dewar Assembly
SADARM Sense And Destroy Armor (US)
SADF South African Defence Force
SAE Society of Automotive Engineers
SAF Small Arms Fire
SAFCS Small Arms Fire Control System
SAFIRE Surface-to-Air Fire
SAL semi-active laser
SAM surface-to-air missile
SAMM Socit d'Applications des Machines Motrices
SANDF South African National Defence Force
SANG Saudi Arabian National Guard
SAP Semi-Armour-Piercing
SAPHEI Semi-Armour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
SAPI semi-armour-piercing incendiary
SASR Special Application Sniper Rifle
SAT Small Arms Trainer
SATCP Systиme Anti-arien Trиs Courte Porte (very short-range anti-aircraft system)
SAVA Standard Army Vectronics Architecture
SAW Squad Automatic Weapon
SAWS Squad Automatic Weapon System
SB Short Barrel
SCORE Stratified Charge Omnivorous Rotary Engine
SD self-destruct(ion)
SEAL Sea/Air/Land
SEALOCK Search, Locate, and Communicate or Kill
SEME School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering
SEN shell extended range NORICUM
SEP Soldier Enhancement Programme
SFCS Simplified Fire-Control System
SFIM Socit de Fabrication d'Instrument de Mesure
SFIRR solid fuel integral rocket/ramjet
SFM Sensor Fuzed Munitions
SFMG Sustained Fire Machine Gun
SFSW Special Forces Support Weapon
SFW Special Forces Weapon
SGTS Second-Generation Tank Sight
SH/PRAC squash head practice
SHORAD Short-Range Air Defence System
shp shaft horsepower
SICPS Standard Integrated Command Post Systems
SINCGARS Single Channel Ground/Air Radio System
SIP System Improvement Plan/Programme
SIPS Small Integrated Propulsion System
SJFN Semi-Jacketed Flat Nose
SJHP Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
SKOT Sredni Kolowy Opancerzny Transporter (armoured personnel carrier)
SLAP saboted light armor penetrator
SLAW Shoulder-Launched Assault Weapon
SLEP Service Life Extension Program (US)
SLR Self-Loading Rifle
SLR Super Low Recoil
SLWAGL Super Light Weight Automatic Grenade Launcher
SM smoke
SMAW Shoulder-launched Multi-purpose Assault Weapon
SMG sub-machine gun
SMK Smoke
Smoke BE smoke base ejection
Smoke WP smoke white phosphorus
SMP Surface Mine Plough
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SOF Special Operations Force(s)
SOG Speed Over Ground
SOP Standard Operational Procedure(s)
SP self-propelled
SP Soft Point
SPAAG self-propelled anti-aircraft gun
SPAAM self-propelled anti-aircraft missile
SPAG self-propelled assault gun
SPARK solid propellant advanced ramjet kinetic energy missile
SPAS Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun
SPATG self-propelled anti-tank gun
SPAW self-propelled artillery weapon
SPG self-propelled gun
SPH self-propelled howitzer
SPL self-propelled launcher
SPLL Self-propelled Loader Launcher
SPM self-propelled mortar
SPP Special Purpose Pistol
SPR Special Purpose Rifle
SPS Standard Positioning Service
SPSM Sensorgezundete Panzerabwehr SubMunition
SPW Special Purpose Weapon
SR Short Rifle
SR Staff Requirement
SRAW Short Range Assault Weapon
SRC Space Research Corporation
SRG shell replenishment gear
SRI Short Range Insert
SRTS Short Range Thermal Sight
SRU Shop Replaceable Unit
SRU slip ring unit
SRV Surrogate Research Vehicle (US)
SSA Special Spaced Armour
SSG Single Shot Gun
SSK Single Shot Kill
SSW Squad Support Weapon
ST Staff Target
STA shell transfer arm
STAB Steered Agile Beams
STAFF Small Target Activated Fire-and-Forget (US)
STANAG STANdardisation Agreement
STARTLE Surveillance and Target Acquisition Radar for Tank Location and Engagement (US)
STE/ICE Simplified Test Equipment/Internal Combustion Engine (US)
STUP spinning tubular projectile
SUB SUBstitute
SUC Square Ultra Compact
SUIT Sight Unit Infantry Trilux
SUSAT Sight Unit Small Arms Trilux
SWARM Stabilised Weapon and Reconnaissance Mount
SWAT Special Weapons And Tactics
SWC Semi WadCutter
SWS Sniper Weapon System

[edit] T
T Tracer
TACMS Army Tactical Missile System (US)
TACOM Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (US)
TADDS Target Alert Display Data Set (US)
TADS Target Acquisition and Designation System (US)
TAM Tanque Argentino Mediano
TAS Target Acquisition Subsystem
TAS tracking adjunct system
TAS Turet Attitude Sensor
TBAT TOW/Bushmaster Armored Turret (US)
TCO Tactical Combat Operations
TCU tactical control unit
TD tank destroyer
TDCS Tank Driver Command System
TDD Target Detection Device
TDR Target Data Receiver
TE Tangent Elevation
TEL Transporter-Erector-Launcher
TELAR Transporter-Erector-Launcher And Radar
TES Tactical Environment Simulation
TES target engagement system
TGMTS Tank Gunnery Missile Tracking System
TGP Terminally Guided Projectile
TGS Tank Gun Sight
TGSM terminally guided submunition
TGTS tank gunnery training simulator
TI thermal imaging/imager
TICM thermal imaging common modules
TIIPS Thermal Imaging and Integrated Position System
TIM Thermal Imaging Module
TIPU Thermal Image Processing Units
TIRE Tank Infra-Red Elbow
TIS thermal imaging system
TLC Transport Launching Container
TLD Top Level Demonstrations
TLE Treaty Limited Equipment
TLR Tank Laser Range-finder
TLS Tank Laser Sight
TM&LS Textron Marine & Land Systems
TMBC Turret Management Ballistic Computer
TMP Tactical Machine Pistol
TMS Turret Modernisation System
TMUAS Turreted Mortar Under Armor System (US)
TNT Trinitrotoluene
TOE table of organisation and equipment
TOGS Thermal Observation and Gunnery System (UK)
TOP Total Obscuring Power
TOPAS Transporter Obrneny Pasovy
TOTE Tracker, Optical Thermally Enhanced
TOW Tube-launched, Optically tracked, Wire-guided (US)
TP target practice
TP-FL target practice flash
TP-S or TPS Target Practice-Spotting/Signature
TP-SM target practice - smoke
TP-SP target practice - spotting
TP-T target practice - tracer
TPCM Target Practice Colour-Marking
TPDS Target Practice Discarding Sabot
TPFSDS-T target practice fin-stabilised discarding sabot - tracer
TPTF Target Practice Time Fuzed
TR Triple Rail
TRACER Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement (UK)
TRACKSTAR Tracked Search and Target Acquisition Radar System (US)
TRADOC Training and Doctrine Command (US)
TSFCS Tank Simplified Fire-Control System
TSQ time and super-quick
TSR Tavor Sporting Rifle
TT transport de troupes (troop transporter)
TTB Tank TestBed (US)
TTD Transformation Technology Demonstrator
TTG Time To Go
TTS Tank Thermal Sight
TU Terminal Unit
TU Traversing Unit
TUA TOW Under Armor (US)
TUR Tiefflieger-Ьberwachungs-Radar (low-level surveillance radar)
TV Television
TWD Thermal Warning Device
TWMP Track Width Mine Plough
TWS Thermal Weapon Sight
TYDP Ten Year Defence Programme (Australia)

[edit] U
UAV Unmanned Air Vehicle
UBLE Universal Bridge Launching Equipment
UCVP Universal Combat Vehicle Platform
UDR Ulster Defence Regiment
UET Universal Engineer Tractor (US)
UGV Unmanned Ground Vehicle
ULC Unit Load Container
UMA Universal Mounting Adapter
UMP Universal Machine Pistol
MICOM Missile Command (US)
USAADS U.S. Army Air Defense School
USMC United States Marine Corps
USN United States Navy
USP Universal Self-loading Pistol
UTL Universal Tactical Light
UTM Universal Transverse Mercator
UTS Universal Turret System
UV Ultraviolet
UW Urban Warfare

[edit] V
V Volt(s)
VAB Vhicule de l'Avant Blind (front armoured car)
VAB Vickers Armoured Bridgelayer
VADS Vulcan Air Defense System (US)
VAE Vehiculo Armado Exploracion
VAK Vehicle Adaptor Kit
VAPE Vehiculo Apoyo y Exploracion
VARRV Vickers Armoured Repair and Recovery Vehicle
VARV Vickers Armoured Recovery Vehicle
VBC Vhicule Blind de Combat (armoured combat vehicle)
VBCI Vhicule Blind de Combat d'Infanterie
VBL Vhicule Blind Lger (light armoured vehicle)
VBM Vhicules Blinds Modulaires
VCA Vhicule Chenill d'Accompagnement (tracked support vehicle)
VCC Veicolo Corazzato de Combattimento
VCG Vhicule de Combat du Genie (armoured engineer vehicle)
VCI Vhicule de Combat d'Infanterie; Vehiculo combate infanteria (infantry combat vehicle)
VCR variable compression ratio
VCR Vhicule de Combat Roues (wheeled combat vehicle)
VCR/AT Vhicule de Combat Roues/Atelier Technique (salvage)
VCR/IS Vhicule de Combat Roues/Intervention Sanitaire (stretchers)
VCR/PC Vhicule de Combat Roues/Poste de Commandement (HQ)
VCR/TH Vhicule de Combat Roues/Tourelle HOT (turret with four HOT ATGW)
VCR/TT Vhicule de Combat Roues/Transport de Troupes (troop carrier)
VCTIS Vehicle Command and Tactical Information System
VCTM Vehiculo de Combate Transporte de Mortero (armoured mortar carrier)
VCTP Vehiculo de Combate Transporte de Personal (armoured personnel carrier)
VDA Vhicule de Dfense Anti-arienne (anti-aircraft defence vehicle)
VDAA Vhicule d'Auto-Dfense Anti-arienne
VDC Voltage Direct Current
VDM viscous damped mount
VDSL Vickers Defence Systems Ltd
VDU visual display unit
VEC Vehiculo de Exploracin de Caballerie
VEDES Vehicle Exhaust Dust Ejection System (US)
VERDI Vehicle Electronics Research Defence Initiative (UK)
VHIS visual hit indicator system
VIB Vhicule d'Intervention du Base
VIDS Vehicle Integrated Defence System
VINACS Vehicle Integrated Navigation and Command System
VIRSS Visual and InfraRed Smoke Screening System
VITS Video Image Tracking Systems
VLAP Velocity-enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile
VLC Vhicule Lger de Combat (light armoured car)
VLI Visible Light Illuminator
VLSMS Vehicle-Launched Scatterable Mine System
VMBT Vickers Main Battle Tank
VMS Vehicle Motion Sensor
VNAS Vehicle Navigation Air System
VRL Vhicule Reconnaissance Lger (light reconnaissance vehicle)
VSEL Vickers Shipbuilding and Engineering Ltd
VT variable time
VTP vhicule transport de personnel (personnel carrier)
VTT vhicule transport de troupe (troop transporter)
VVSS vertical volute spring suspension
VXB Vhicule Blind Vocations Multiples (multipurpose armoured car)

[edit] W
WAM Wide Area Mines (US)
WAPC Wheeled Armoured Personnel Carrier (Canada)
WASAD Wide Angle Surveillance and Automatic Detection Device
WAV Wide Angle Viewing
WFOV Wide Field Of View
WFSV Wheeled Fire Support Vehicle (Canada)
WHA Weapons Head Assembly
WHSA Weapons Head Support Assembly
WLR Weapon Locating Radar
WMRV Wheeled Maintenance and Recovery Vehicle (Canada)
WP white phosphorus
WP-T white phosphorus - tracer
WSM Winchester Short Magnum

[edit] Y
YMRS Yugoslav multiple rocket system

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