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add data to bomb fuzes


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I bet there are probably some guys out there that might have one or more of the fuzes mentioned here.
Do us all a favor and place you data that comes with your mechanism.
I thought this would exist from facory, in writing, but it appears it is up to us, collectors.
Length(s), Diameter(s), Weight, material. Details to differences acc. drawing, etc.

Now go on, get us them sizes...
I have a lot of the info on cd but it is in PDF format and the only way i know how to copy it to the forum is by printing then scanning ,does anyone know an easier more cost effective way,ive tried copy and paste and it doesnt work
Easy to get the pics out of PDF files!
** NO print and scan**
Search the net for \"Screenshot Captor\" (freeware), download and off you go.
Zoom in on the pic you want, open the program, select \"capture\", then \"grab selected region\".
Select the part of your screen you want as a .jpg and \"save as...\".

good luck!
01 06:03
Posted a too big image, here is what I just did with the program: made a screenshot of the post I was writing: image got lost