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Ajax... The WW2 munitions factory that grew into a town


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A snippet of the Canadian war effort... Munitions production!

During WW2, the town of Ajax (in Ontario, Canada) was known as Defence Industries Limited (D.I.L.). A little know fact is that D.I.L. (Ajax) was the largest Allied munitions manufacturer during WW2.

The D.I.L. factory workers named the town Ajax, after the HMS Ajax that fought in the Battle of the River Plate. To honor our Veterans, all the street names in the town have been named after those who served on the HMS Ajax, HMS Exeter and HMS Achilles. The three ships that took part in the battle. This tradition continues to this day.

The attached photos are a peek into the past, to a time that is soon fading into history.

The following link will take you to even more photos...



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Thanks for the post. My mom worked there in 1943. I tried to find her in some of the pictures but had no luck. There is a picture of her outside the boarding house in Ajax in the book "Changing Lives Women in Northern Ontario" on page 142.