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All My Grenades

paul the grenade

Well-Known Member
Hi All. I finally decided to photograph everything.
Hope you all like the pics.


  • My Grens 1.jpg
    My Grens 1.jpg
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  • My Grens 2.jpg
    My Grens 2.jpg
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  • My Grens 3.jpg
    My Grens 3.jpg
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  • My Grens 4.jpg
    My Grens 4.jpg
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  • My Grens 5.jpg
    My Grens 5.jpg
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Hi Paul
That,s a great collection of grenades , thanks for letting everyone see them.
Wow excellent collection Paul im well impressed and slightly jealous :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Ive only just started collecting and only have three dont think i'll ever have
a collection like that though .. brilliant

your grenades

:tinysmile_shy_t: must have cost a bomb mate ?
realy nice