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American Bomb G.P. 100 lb AN-M30


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I was watching this bomb for sale on US Ebay.

I think the price got up to US $230, before it was pulled off line.

I'm glad I saved :laugh: the photo's for future reference.

I hope other members like the pics :)



Ref: TM 9 1980 American Bombs for Aircraft 1944

Nice 1. Am sure you have a fuze in your collection to fit it :)
MMmm nice I love WW2 bombs only got two at the moment an german SD1 and a US AN-M41 20 pound frag bomb.
If any one is interested my friend is selling two larger bombs a post war US and a WW1 french.
P.M me cheers DAZ
There are three type of this 100Lbs GP bomb.
-AN M30
-AN M30 A1
-GP 100Lbs Mk4 (navy)

You need a nose and tail pistol for this one..

(enclosed a tech sheet of the GP 100 Lbs AN M30)
100 lbs

this 100 lbs gp was for free:tinysmile_fatgrin_t

with a an-m 103 nose fuze

found last week on a old airfield

Items shown will be destroyed by Airforce EOD


  • 100lbs an m30.jpg
    100lbs an m30.jpg
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  • an-m 103.jpg
    an-m 103.jpg
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Great pics eifel.

Nice to see the original war paint still on the bomb.


Invest :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
100 lbs

this week an other one 4 meters deep

this fuse was armed

Item shown will be destroyed by Airforce EOD


  • 100lbs 4 mtr1.JPG
    100lbs 4 mtr1.JPG
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Hello Eifel,
Thanks for sharing another great picture with us.
It's always good to see what bomb related items other members find.
Invest :tinysmile_fatgrin_t
tail unit gp 100lbs an-m30

here the tail unit of the gp 100 lbs an-m30

it was a bit bend but the paint is stil on it after 64 years


  • tail unit 100 lbs gp an-m 30.jpg
    tail unit 100 lbs gp an-m 30.jpg
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