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American Inc bomb fuze



The picture shows the American Bomb fuze M174 made of brass ,very similar to that of the German Z66 fuze used on the SD10 bombs and copied by the Russians on the modern Ptab 2.5 bomblet.
This fuze is used in the American Incendiary bombs and others possibly Chemical?
Any information please ?


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    American inc bomb fuze 001.jpg
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    American inc bomb fuze 002.jpg
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Hi Steve,
regarding the M174, in the Mil.Hdbl.-137 is stated, that this fuze was only used for the 4lb M114 chemical cluster bomb.
It would be intereing to know if this fuze was used in any other bombs, such as inc. types
Erhard (Mrfuze, USA)
I have found out through official channels that only amall batch of these fuzes were ever manufactured and were to be trialed in a 4 lb chemical bomb .

Not sure about your official channels info. The current post:


covers the M114 submunitions recently found. I've shown three fuzes, one Testing and evaluation model from Picatinny Arsenal, and two others with different lot numbers. These were in U.S. inventory war reserve. I don't know how many were made. Sensitive material, so not a lot of info.

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Hi John
Its interesting as my Fuze comes from the same batch marked Fuze, Bomb nose M174 lot NoCH241 - 22 an early one ?

Yes, I was noticing yours. Lucky dog, yours isn't stamped "Empty"