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America's Munitions 1917-1918


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America's Munitions 1917-1918, Crowell, Benedict, The Assistant Secretary of War, Director of Munitions.

This is a bible for anyone who collects or researches US WWI items. What you will find is a very interesting and accurate account of almost everything that the US ordered and accepted into service from April 1917 to November 1918.

In the various sections you can find the information on factory stampings, numbers of items ordered, numbers of items rejected and the number of items accepted from a specific factory if the information was documented. I have used this book to track down the manufacturer of a 6" trench mortar that we recovered a few years ago in New Jersey. The book is fascinating and while I just purchased my second copy this week (I paid $100 for the first copy in 1997 and I bought a better copy for $30 this time) I'm going to pass the book on to you guys for free (OK, Google Books did all the hard work but hey, I found it!)


Download it and enjoy!
Sorry but the link you provided doesn't give me an option to download the pub.
Can you help
I'm stumped as both links work for me and on different machines. Hopefully someone has a solution.
ABE BOOKS have 23 copies on their dealers list (all in America ) ranging from $40 to a whopping great $247
its a good site for out of print books
Eodtek, THANK YOU!! I'm at a FUDS (Formerly Used Defense Site) right now and they fired mostly WW I artillery here, so this will help. Ammotech, Google Books usually wants you to join them but the free stuff is great. There is a bar that says "Get it now" and under that is "Read on my device". Click on "Read on my device" and it will bring you to the device page and download to the device you want. I usually go to the bottom one that is "download a PDF file" and save it on my computer in Adobe then transfer it to my external hard drive. Good luck, Bruce.
Great Illustrations of all type of war materials from aerial bomb, grenades, small arms, etc.
just tpe in the 'crazy' word and select subit, select PDF and it will ask you to open or save.
I added it to the Downloads section of the forum in the "Other References" section. It is the Google books scanned version that some are having trouble downloading.
I tried to down load it from here and all I ended up with was gibberish ? How can I get a copy of this on a CD ?