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Ammo Box C-224


can anyone tell me for what kind of ammunition it is ?



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Origin of Letter Series Ammunition Boxes

For students and collectors of these things the attached extract from WO Lists of Changes might be of interest. Before you ask I could not find the list that it promises.

A later WOLC gives M as Miscellaneous.


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War Office Lists of Changes


It is from War Office Lists of Changes (WOLC) which lasted from about 1860 to 1968 to record the introduction, modification and obsoletion of 'warlike stores'. Each 'paragraph' is dated but needs interpretation (eg a store might well have been in service for some time before it was formally introduced by WOLC). WOLCs contain a great deal of information on boxes, tins and cylinders. Royal Armouries have a set of WOLC inherited from the MoD Pattern Room Library (although they couldn't find them when I last asked). IWM, NAM & PRO(TNA) might have them.

Ian Skennerton published a five volume extract of List of Changes covering the interesting subjects (his interests that is) and they might contain packages but I cannot remember (away from my set at the moment).