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Lifting eye ?

Being as it is made from either Bronze or Brass that would suggest to me that it is a lifting eye for use in a Magazine environment or possibly just Naval.
Any idea what the thread is ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Hi there were a load of these sold about 30 years ago. They were advertised as from the Ark Royal and the one I used to have was engraved as such. I seem to remember them being advertised as being something to do with the "damage control unit "whatever that is. From memory it cost a tenner at the time.
Hope this helps.
Hi there were a load of these on the market about 30 years ago advertised as being something to do with the "damage control unit" on the Ark Royal. Mine was engraved with Ark Royal on the other side to the one shown in your picture. At the time they were going for a tenner - I saw one in the Malvern flea market a few months ago......for a tenner so they don't seem to go up much in price.
Hope this helps.
Looks to me like a closed wing nut for a ship's window (called a patrijspoort in Dutch, what's the English name?). Supposedly a some larger type. From my job I know these are also used on ship's boiler hatches. The flange on the lower part of the nut prevents the nut from loosening when tightened. These nuts come in many types and shapes.


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