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Amo Box Huelsenkartuschen 10 cm 14 WW1


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Here are my newest arrivel an German amo box for the 10 cm Field gun 14 from WW1 !
The Box is in medium conditions but the letters in original colors are complete there !!
This is an rare box not often to be found these days i hope you like it !!

it is written on Huelsenkartuschen 10 cm 14

The box contained normaly two shells with boster packs for the Fieldgun !!


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great crate

Awesome Dave, Yet another great rare WWI find. You seem to be able to come up with unusual and odd pieces from The Great War and your collection is to die for...Best...Dano
Really nice box.

Its amazing any of these WW1 boxes survived. I would think most of them that were around Europe after WW1 would have been used for fire wood.
yes you are right

yes right most of them are used for fire wood or the inlets are removed and used as tool boxes and overpainted !!

wbr David
Of the two that I used to own, one was a crate that held 50 m1917 egg grenades, and the other a stick grenade crate, were nice on outside and well beaten on inside, which leads me to think that farmers used them for hold alls or tool caddys and did not alter outside (stroke of luck). Yes these WW1 ammo crates are rare as the proverbial hens teeth, but some managed to survive thankfully...Dano
Dear Dano

Dear Dano pls post a pic of this crate for the M1917 egg grenade i was looking out for a pic of this but i dont find one !!
It will be a crate help i have some 15x M1917 egg grenades all with transport plugs and i would display them in the crate for it to find one crate this will be a great help !!

Thanks in advance

German WW1 egg and stick grenade crates

Hi David, Here are pictures of my m1917 German egg grenade crate and m1917 stick grenade crate. I no longer own these as I sold them a little over a year ago. The egg grenade crate held 50 m1917 German egg grenades including 1 red painted practice egg. I am not sure how many sticks the stick crate held, but it was for the m1917 German stick grenade. The egg crate found a very good home, and I am not sure of the fate of the stick crate. Both are 1917 dated, and I know where to get 2 more of the stick crates, but the egg crate showed up on ebay and felt fortunate to get it for 160.00US. The oil stain on the lid was done by me as I accidently spilled oil on it (there is still a shoeprint on my ass). Don't even ask what I paid for the stick crate. Two I wish I had back...Dano


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Very nice box, which is for the 10 cm brass cases only. The shells were usually delivered in wicker baskets.

@dano: I also got a box for stick grenades. I will try to make some pics in the next days.
thanks both of you !

thanks der feldgraue for your kindly words !!

@Dano realy nice box i hope i can add one day also on create for the egg and the stick grenades !!

with best regards David