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An interesting sectioned shell.


BOCN Contributor
Hi all.

I came across this sectioned shell a few months ago. It came from England, actually. It is 8.75" long and 2.3" across the driving band. The inside is painted a deep red. It is unmarked.

The fellow who sold it thought it was an ashtray which, I suppose is possible but I thought that it was a professionally sectioned shell that might have been used for training.

I'd appreciate your thoughts.



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57 MM AP Projectile

What a lovely item that is !
It has been expertly done and I would guess most likely for display/training as you thought.

Are there any stampings on it anywhere ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Hmmmm thought I had examined it fully until just now.

On the back of the fuse is lettering that reads (as far as I can tell)


HK something PATENT

Also, on further examination, it is clear that the charge in the fuse was colored too. Clearly not a hack job (do you use the work "hack" as in quick and sloppy and unprofessional?).


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6 Pdr .

Nice sectioned Hotchkiss 6 pdr,wish that fuse was complete in my hands though,not easy to find.:sad:
The shell looks like a 57mm (6pr) Russian Common pointed, base fused naval projectile. These Russian rounds usually had a brass driving band, so copper is more unusual. The base fuze would have been marked 'Hotchkiss Patent'. This projectile is very similar to the ones used in the US but the driving bands on those have a slightly different profile and would not have that type of base fuze. Hope that helps. :tinysmile_fatgrin_t

Hotchkiss looks right. Look at the illustration of a Hotchkiss Base Fuse of ca. 1889.


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