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AN-M110 A1 nose bomb fuze, US


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Hello together,
here 2 images of the commonly used nose impact fuze M110 A1, used by the US during WW II. On the first image the fuze has the transport/shipping protection vane cup attached, which is not commonly found very often nowadays. The fuze was used in the 20lb AN-M41A1 frag. bomb and the 115lb M70 chem. bomb.
enjoy the images
Mrfuze, USA


  • M110 A1, 2, US.jpg
    M110 A1, 2, US.jpg
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  • M110 A1, 2a, US.jpg
    M110 A1, 2a, US.jpg
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Hi Steve,
I only saw 2 of them. One was a recovery in Germany but the steel cap was really bad rotted away and the other one is the one in my collection.
Sometimes the "little" things gives a lot of joy too (if little things are noticeable)