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And another 2inch ...


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Hi everyone. Who can help with this one?
In an identification test at my latest course I got this 2inch.
I identified it as an inert (it was fired/empty base ctg) practice round, missing it's cap.
The not-official examinator is a nice guy, but told me wrong.
I was quite sure about what I said but his story was that it was to attach a line...
As I had no documentation, I left it so, but was I right?
Shoot, recover, use again???

I always thought that the 2\" smoke shell was to use when a line had to be fired to somewhere, with the use of the metal clip on the top.

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This is it
It is a Dutch practice round manufactured by AI factory ( artillery inrichtingen )after the second world war, there is also a 3\" version.
Thanks for the info, blu97.
Can you get your hands on original AI documentation, or part of a manual describing these?
I have the Dutch 2inch mortar manual here from 1945 but no mention of this practice round.
What date would these have been used? Were they actually made at AI, Hembrug ?
Cheers, Lex

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Here a drawing of the pojectile, in dutch it is called a 'los schot' wich can be translated into blank shot. I think that when fired you get the flash and bang from firing and the projectile stay's in the tube or just travels for a very short distance. The marking AI is the factoy artillery inrichtingen aan de hembrug in Zaandam.
Her a drawing. It is called a 'los schot' wich can be translated in blank charge. This is becaus, I presume, when fired yuo get theflash and the bang but the projetile travels only a short distance from the barrel, this becaus in the middel of the projo is a hole where the gasses can escape trouhg.
Here the 3\"
On the 2\" there are the markings AI wich is the factory artillery inrichtingen aan de hembrug in zaamdam
Hello blu97,
thanks a lot for these great drawings. I was still missing this info.
Makes it into a nice discussion the next time anyone ID's this as a line-thrower on the coming exams.
Always happy to start a discussion with one of our former colleagues...
Best regards from some 40km's away.
Cheers, Lex.
Hopefully this is the missing information originally provided by Blu97 and lost when the site had teething troubles and crashed in 2007 ,if anyone would like to translate it into English please do


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pure luck i was browsing my files and found a dutch language manual and saw the drawing of the strange shaped one and vaguely remembered lex posting something similar to it
There is also a 3inch version illustrated but no text to go with it


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