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Seemed a right dodgy bloke at first:laugh: but gave a 100% honest description of item ,bent over backward to please ,very good prices, pass the parcel packaging took me 15 minutes to remove ,
I will be using him again and recomend him to other BOCN members .

Cheers DAZ
I bend over backwards for no man!
(well,only if they ask nicely!):kiss:

Seriously,glad you're pleased Daz,as you can tell,I like to pack well to prevent damage!

Yep, Ill not join in the love fest above, but ill echo Daz's remarks.

Honest as the day is long, nice chap, just minor impatience problem. ;-)

Oh c'mon, tell me im lying :)

OOOH you bunch of bloody liars!

So I like to get my stuff quickly,before it's sent out if possible!

Where's the problem?
Rich,the next thing I send you will take you a week to get into!

Two items purchased so far, both in bomb proof wrapping and received within 24 hours of payment, Tony.
Yes ive had some nice gear off AndyD.

always wrappped like King Tut!,cant knock it though.

just needs to chill a bit with the patience!:p ;)


I reckon his girlfriend/boyfriend ,wife wraps up the parcels as they are so neat and the writing is so clear and femine' .
I think he is gonna kick your butt when he sees that Daz!:laugh:
Lets keep this section nice and bonny please.:)


Actually,I wrap all my own parcels,and write the labels etc.

Now where's my hobnail boots?
No offense meant old sausage your packing is really good you should see mine just ask quatermass when he bought a shell off me it was well wrapped and safe BUT!!! hmm
2 lots of items from Andy - both lots better than described, most impressed. See what you mean about the packaging, having just spend a very pleasant 2 and three quarter hours trying to get at the contents. Many thanks Andy, Dave
Really top bloke.

I've got some excellent items from Andy, in fact the items were better than the pictures suggested (you've got to change that camera Andy!)

Highly recommended.

I recently bought something from Andy, it was a very satisfactory transaction. Packaging was excessive considering that it was a big ugly chunk of metal!