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Annulus colours


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Hi everyone,
does anyone know if the annulus colour codeing is fairly universal now,two lots that I'm 'concerned' about are a link of five 7.62mm(nato) Egyptian rounds that have red & green annulus,all bullets are magnetic eccept one green one,would these originally have had coloured tips(and if any one can translate the sqiggles,even better.
The other one is a German 7.62mm nato headstamped MEN93B009 +,has green annulus and very magnetic bullet(lot more so than a tungstun penetrater),also does any one know if this should have a coloured tip.
My concerns are that some of these rounds may be A/P,so need help to know if I have some "handing in" to do later! so please I need to be 100% certain about this,don't need opinions or guesses on this one please chaps


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In most countries, and that includes NATO, the annulus colour does not mean anything, it is the tip colour that matters. Britain is about the only country these days that has an annulus colour code, and that seems to be weakening given the amount of imported ammo we now have to buy.

Your German rounds are almost certainly steel cored ball, as nobody seems to use AP in NATO anymore. Incidently, remember that Green was the annulus colout for ball in WW2 German ammo, so they probably just continued that.

As for the Arabic ammo, are you sure it is Egyptian? I am not really that familiar with the Arabic headstamps, but Egypt essentially uses Russian calibre weapons, so the only reason they would have 7.62mm NATO would be for export.

I will try to check the headstamps to confirm identity.

I have a big bag full of the 7.62 with the arabic stamps, I can find the post but I think someone told me all about them.

Thanks TonyE & Richard,
Thats a relief! found the thread you were talking about Richard,it's on page 4 of the id section & the general,if not total,opinion is that they are from Iran. Tony, totaly missed the annulus colours not being the same in Nato,indeed the Swiss 5.56mm we are using now(which I have) has black annulus on their ball!
I shall go and stand in the muppet corner for ten minutes!
Many thanks