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Another Japanese Hotchkiss?


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With reference to the attached pictures, is this a Japanese navel Hotchkiss round? There are just two symbol marks, one on the projectile base and one on the shell case base with an anchor stamp on the base also. There is also a number 8 stamped on the side of the projectile. Hope you can make out the projectile base stamp!



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Export Rounds.

Looks very much like the rounds I used to have-made by "Hotchkiss" and exported to Japan's Navy.
Nice round Cirus.

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Hello, Cirus, is the projectile 37 mm or 40 mm ? It looks like a 37-mm 1 pounder round as used by the Maxim-Nordenfelt 1-pounder pom-pom. Did the Hotchkiss use the same ammo ?
I can read PATEN on the shell base, presumably PATENT ? I'm still trying to read the other marking which appears to include M..R
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The item in question is a 47mm // 2 1/2pr landing gun round most of which were made in the UK. They appear variously marked, including with 'Hotchkiss Patent' as in this case. EOC (Elswick) markings appear on most of the cases that have makers marks. Driving bands were either brass (or more rarely copper) corregated driving bands and standard hotchkiss type bands. The latter projectile can be confused for a 3pr projectile if on its own with nothing to compare it against. Projectiles were either base or nose fuzed.


Japanese Hotchkiss 37mm

Just to make things worse -- It is unknown wether these are Japanese made or Hotchkiss Paris directly or Via Elswick, so the exact casing maker is unknow yet.


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