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Another new grenade

paul the grenade

Well-Known Member
Heres another nice grenade that arrived on sat morning.
its a Polish Granat Obronny KC dating around 1926-27. its quite a small grenade, see pic of it next to a mills.
it was fitted with the AC 23 igniting fuze and the filling was 40 gms of a mix of black powder and aluminium powder.


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eye popper

Extremely nice grenade Paul. It has "eye appeal" which is important to me. I mean who don't want a grenade that looks good and is most obviously a very nice piece. great find...Dano

Yes, it's very rare grenade!
There is only one place in Poland, where You can find this type of grenades...

Here two of mine.



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Good to know ive found a rare one.:tinysmile_fatgrin_t
Mine has a number 16 cast on the side of the body.
Thanks for the pics, Paul.