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Another Stick Grenade


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I thought I would try to make a dummy grenade too. I made a little lathe out of two electric motors.


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great! I love this kind of stuff.
You going to do the lettering?
Another very good effort, i wish i could do such things but i have 2 left hands and its all i can do to tie my shoe laces. Well done bud.
Ime ok at scraping off rust and all the rubish but to actually make a replica, well, i take my hat off to you. Good show.

Here is another project I am SLOWLY working on, a P51-D, and here`s a couple of other things I made. The planes are 1:24 scale.


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stick grnd

Hi swerge,
Very good job on the grnd, looks great, and the laith has worked a treat.
I love these projects it,s better than buying them at 30, a time.
well done mate.