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Anti Aircraft Ammunition 1949 User Handbook


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I have access to a copy of this - 120 pages, all the basics and extreme details.Fuses in detail, primers, charges, propellents. Bofors and 3.7" & 5.25" Guns. fuses & fillings - finite detail on fillings etc.
If there is enough interest I will copy this to disc at I hope $15 ea which I hope will include post to UK and any where else. This is a book worth having the EOD types will particularly enjoy the fine details. email me through BOCN and if I get 12 interested parties or more I will proceed. Not my usual line of interest, but I know lots of members might find this useful. A few poor images just to give the general idea.

The book itself could be bought, but then only one person would have the information. So I will deal with that later if at all. Right now I don't own it.


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Disc of manual.

G'day, I've just joined. I would be very interested in the disc. I served on Mk12 Bofors in the 1960's in the RAA.
I believe this book is going to be put on BOCN for every one to use , I have it on cd but not the book. This has been done before and then the subject matter was scammed (by somebody in Europe) and ended up for sale by ceasod on ebay , etc. I am very leery of posting manuals that I have scanned here for this reason. If it can be prevented from falling into their evil hands I might see about putting some on. There is no copyright on this material and once it's out then anything can happen. I don't care about sharing between each other, but it would bug me to see free material here offered by them with all their BS after we do the work.
Good point i have loads of manuals i would love to share with other members, perhaps theirs some way we can do it here so thy cannot be copied. Dave

I look at this differently. I think that the more we make something available free then there is less customers for the sharks out there. Who is going to buy it when they can download it free.

I also look at it that when a manual is "RARE" people ask a high price for it. By putting them into High Quality PDF files it knocks the guts out of the price hikers for the original manuals as free copies are available in PDF format for those that want them.

Then maybe BOCN has limited coverage but if the same PDF files are also uploaded to Scribd them it gives a wider audience and thus less customers for the Sharks.

Don't let them spoil our freedoms. I still go to a lot of trouble to produce the photos that I do, to share with you all in my Gallery section knowing full well that anyone can download them and use them as they wish. I just accept that as a risk factor and it doesn't stop me from sharing them with all of you. Any way if someone uses them it is like an accolade.

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Yes also a good point---- so what to do. Mine are in jpeg format so I don't even know if that can be made to work here. I have tried to put several pages from the 1915 Vocabulary of Priced Stores, which has every individual ordnance item the British Army had on the go in 1915 listed in it (and more) and the system won't accept my scans ? This book is 850 pages and I'm not going to go through all that again and turn it into a pdf how ever that is done.
It is quite easy to convert JPEG files into PDF but you need special software to do it. One just imports the files in order into the Scansoft PDF Create and select "Combine into one PDF document" and the select " Publishing Quality" and then click on the icon at the bottom. It does the rest. At 850 pages long and with a good quality file it will be to large to upload onto BOCN as I think their present limit is around 100mb as I have tried to upload some Japanese Ordnance files which are over 100mb and it failed because it was too large. Hopefully the powers to be will increase the upload limit as at the moment 100mb is a bit restrictive.
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