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Anti-Personal Riot Round??


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Hi all, this is about my 3rd posting:angel:. This odd projectile was ins a lot of Mills Bomb parts. It looks quite modern so I assume it is not WW2 era. The back end is hard plastic, the top is hard rubber with a crenaillated rim. The fins on the end are kanted so that it spins when fired (smooth bore weapon?). There is a liquid inside that sloshes back and forth when shaken. Any ideas out there? I'm thinking a riot control item or (as bears are a nuisance here in British Columbia) maybe a animal control round?




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Once while on a range clearance Op I had a supposedly experienced EOD team leader insist that it was a projected "Chem Light" that troops used for illumination. He would not let up on that story so I challenged him to open one up and prove it to all of us with the caveat that if he was wrong he would owe me a case of beer and me likewise.

That day I learned that:

1. Other people in pain because of their own stupidity is hilarious.
2. Free beer is the best beer you can get.

Oh and yes, it is a 37mm Ferret round. They also make them in 12ga for a shotgun shell.