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Anti Riot Round ?


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I wonder if anyone has a positive ID on this projectile .I think it is an anti riot round of some description, 37mm on the plastic driving bands, just under 100mm long. Aluminium construction, with white plastic driving bands and a yellow plastic cap. The inside separates and would appear have a flash hole in the base. Please see pics. Any info welcome, thanks, Tony.


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Canister type shot

Hi Roller 63 I have seen a simmilar round to yours and it was used as a carrier for anti-personel "Flechette's" a bit like a shotgun cartridge except that it left a "hole" in the centre of spread whereby the person you aimed at was perfectly safe !

Nice item, any markings or purple paint on it ?

Chris :tinysmile_shy_t:
Hi Chris, interesting theory, no markings whatsoever or any sign of purple experimental paint. The red portion on the inside is self adhesive tape. I am thinking that it is designed to open after a short delay, and that the flash hole in the base ignites a pyrotechnic charge ? once open, the remaining projectile would be very lightweight and would not travel any great distance on its own. Tony.