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anti-staff mine No. 5 marks of 1


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Hello! Today sometimes an English anti-staff mine No. 5 marks of 1 introduce.

Hallo Joerg,
Ich habe eine kleine frage, wilst du wissen wann die mine eingefurht wurde?
Und wenn du mall was hast das ubersetzt werden muss wo du problemen mit hast sick mir eine mail. :)
will dich gerne helfen hier mit.

Grusse Mad B)
I have never seen one of these before do you have any more info on it please ,when used etc......thanks spotter
M Mine

A small cardboard bodied mine devised by Macrae in September 1942 and put into production a month later. Functions when trodden on.

This comes from Dave Sampson site under stuart macrae's toy box.

Cheers Mad
Hi Guys, I have this picture of two versions of this mine, unfortunately I only have the picture, not the items. Tony.
Here the data sheet of the mine.
Hope which is right my translation, uses the translation program.