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antique shop find..


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Hi chaps,

what is this little fellow?

This is a 20x110 Hispano ball round loaded by British Manufacturing and Research Co., Grantham, Lincolnshire in 1941. The cases were made by Kynoch with the "BMARC" headstamp. This is a fairly common round, but a nice example with the factory crimp stil in place on the proj. The screw thread is probably from where it was mounted on some sort of base as an ornament at some stage, and I'm sure it could easily be removed. Did you buy it? If so how much did you pay for it?
The 2 responses above came while I was typing my post. How much do they want for it?
Hi Falcon,

they want 18 for it,but i will get it for 15.
it comes with a little stand as well.


20mm Hispano Ball round.
(Cartridge SA Ball 20mm Hispano Gun Mk Iz)
Nice find.
What did you pay for it?

I think 15 is an awful lot for what it is, I have seen a live one being (legally) sold by a licenced collectable ammunition dealer for 3. Of course you could only buy it if you had the appropriate FAC.