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Antitank mine m/42



New member from Norway.:tinysmile_shy_t:

The mine is a manufactured at Raufoss Ammunisjons fabrikker, by german authorety.
As far as i know this mine was delivered with and without secondary fuse cavity, for boobytrap mecanism. The fuse on the picture is not the orginal one.

Does anyone have any info about the fuse?


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thanks, but it`s not the right/correct/orginal fuse that is on top of the mine on my picture.

thanks for the info
Hi tertiten2,

I'm sorry but Jolly green is right, the fuze on top of the mine (it's a Behelfs Mine 42 (N)) is really a Druckznder 35A (D.Z. 35A) as in the attached pictures.



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ok, you are probably right. The reason i`ve asked about the fuse is because according to a friend of mine, at Raufoss factory told me that there was used another type of fuse on this norwegian type. ( not 35 )
maybe he was wrong.

The drawing, is that from lexpev?

If the 35 actually is the right fuse for this mine::xd::xd: i`m happy! because then i don`t need to look further for the right one.:tinysmile_eyebrow_t

Thank you:shakehands: