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Any ideas ?

Hi Jason

It looks suspisciously like a Mk 7 Mod 1 PD Fuze used in US Navy 7 inch/45 Field and Bombardment projectiles. If you've got a copy of US Navy publication OP1664 - US Explosve Ordnance of May 1947, it's on page 91.

Best wishes

found this information and drawing in US Ordnance Dept Manual "Fuzes for use in Mountain,Field,Siege and Seacoast Projectiles and in Detonating Fuzes" 1917 edition


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I stumbled over this post today. The US produced under contract these fuzes for Russia during WW I. It was originally a Russian design, named 3 G.T. The US exported large numbers of these fuzes and also the 7.62 projectiles and brass cases for the 7.62 field gun to Russia. The construction was so reliable, that the US introduced this fuze also under the US nomenclature Fuze, PD, Mark I. I have a factory cutaway of one of this fuzes in a velevet box, made by the International steel & ordnance corp. in the US, the box is marked outside with" Exploder Mark 3 G.T.
Hope I could help a little.
Mrfuze, USA