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any one share light on photo


passed to me old documents of grandfather,
he served in the ox an bucks light infentry

special as i am ex green jackets

can any one identify the importance of this photo
seems turkish but unsure

many thanks

A quick Google found this site:

World War 1(1914-19)
The 1st Battalion (43rd) fought the Turks in Mesopotamia, where they suffered very heavy casualties, were besieged at Kut and eventually starved into surrender. Of 300 men who were taken prisoner only ninety survived the war. In 1919 the reconstituted battalion took part in the inconclusive campaign against the Bolsheviks in North Russia. The 52nd and most of the affiliated Territorial Force battalions fought on the Western Front. In 1914 they achieved fame at Nonne Boschen by routing the Prussian Potsdam Guards, almost 100 years after they had defeated the French Imperial Guard at Waterloo. From then on, however their experiences of appalling casualties for little apparent gain mirrored those of the rest of the Army. Other battalions fought in Italy and Salonika.

It could be from this period.
The photo looks to me to be WWI period. The only other possibility according to the link would be:
The regiment was represented by the 7th Battalion in Tunisia and Italy (at the Anzio and Salerno landings),

being north africa (hence the Fez). It should be easy to date the photo by the uniform, its not something I recognise though. Contact the regimental museum and see if they can trace him
my opinion is ww1
can any body recognise the uniform of the chap with three stripes

ime looking at the way the buttons on his tunic is shown

dont recognise any regiment with that design
Do you think that you could take it out of the plastic sleeve and do a better res scan? Even if you have to post it off site because of size issues.
I think i have narrowed down the photo, seems its a different relative

been onto commenwealth war graves and a bit of help please,
trying to find out where he was posted, western front, gallopli, or india

on the war graves site it just says

war theatre but died at home

the war theatre stated brough.sic

any ideas on brough.sic

meny thanks
there are a few places called Brough (pronounced Bruff), anything near you?