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Anything interesting around Totnes?


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Is there anything interesting around Totnes in Devon?

I will be staying there soon.

Thanks for any info.

Send a pm to weasel hes only down the road in kingsbridge. From my experience there is loads of traffic! Tig
Hi Falcon,
There are a few things worth a look at around Totnes, Slapton Sands the WW2 D Day practice area, some coastal defense postions etc.
I met up with Weasel for a Drink in Totnes last week, it was good meeting a memeber face-to-face.

I'm not sure about alot of traffic, but Totnes sure has alot of hippies!
Hi Falcon, it was good to meet up and have a chat. Totnes is a nice town but not such a great place for finding anything collectable, hippies are not known for their appriciation of millitaria. Best regards Weasel.