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AP shot identification needed


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Hi All Could anybody Identify this projectile its 9.5 inches tall and 3inches diameter it has the numbers 477 stamped on the driving band also the broad arrow and it has a tracer cavity any information would be great. :)
Hi Andy
Your memory is worse than mine!!

I'm pretty sure it's an American (or British) 75mm M72 AP-T Proj Standard Sherman AP before the APHE-T (It may say so on the drive band)

See link

Now you just need an M18 75x350R 10 or so.

oh, my apologies....although Id still say its an M72, are you saying its a physically different shape - height, width weight etc..

Ok then, its painted with British markings, (which could be wrong??)

It isnt a 17pdr AP shot, as that has two driving band and is much taller.

It isn't the US 3in AP Shot as the driving bands on that are much larger, and the projectile is a little longer.

I guess it could be the US 76mm AP as Ive never seen on, but I would have thought that would be the same as the 3in AP shot, and therefore should have larger driving bands

I'd still plump for the M72....as the driving band is the same.

anyone else know?

looks like a British made 75mm solid shot - we used copper for the driving bands but the yanks , sorry, Americans, used a cupronickel material which has a more brass like appearance. It should have a British made equivalent of the M18 case. We used them in our own Sherman, Churchill, Challenger , Cromwell tanks
He is a photo of them together the one on the left weights 13.8lbs the other is 13.4lbs. Andy
the fired one does look a bit like the M72 - the band appears more brassy. Stencils on the M72 should be 75G in large font, underneath, in smaller font SHOT AP M72 WITH TRACER and on the reverse, AMM. LOT, PA and a suitable 3 digit date eg 7-44.
Correct me if I'm wrong but the British version was a semi armour piercing round, used mainly for practice and should not have the lower white band. When supplied as practice shot, it should have the usual yellow band around the middle.