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Are these US bomb fuze parts?


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I'm trying to identify the four solid brass items on the left of this photo:


They are all the same diameter, " for the wide part and 3/32" for the narrow neck.
In all cases the narrow part is 9/20" long, with a 1/16" hole through.
The wide part on each differs in length, as can be seen.

As these came from a rubbish dump on a former WWII 8AF bomb store, along with the Fahnestock clips, lead safety seals, fuze well plugs and other bomb-related debris, I wondered whether they could be some sort of fuze plunger.

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A few more of these turned up in the same place this weekend, so I now have a dozen of whatever they are.....

Annoyingly, I'm sure I've seen them before in a diagram somewhere.

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Here you are.


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Blu97 i cannot positively id these but theyre not from the m111a2 as per your photos,ive attatched photos of the part you have shown from my own m111a2,totally different to the items for id


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Thanks chaps,

Just to confirm, the only holes these have are through the "neck", none whatsoever in the "body".

All the best,
Yes I can confirm that I was wrong and had a better look and found this, some kind of transport safety. Troug the hole is a wire with that lead things you found.


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Many thanks Blu!

I can now label them up correctly, and they will get their first public display over the May Day bank holiday weekend alongside other items from the same airfield.

Best wishes,

They are definitely the transport safety pins, which holds the gearing/turning of the vane assembly in the 100's series of tail fuzes.
They are secured with a safety pin or wire , going through the end hole of these pins.
Mrfuze, USA