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Artillery Projectile


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Does anyone know what this item might be? It is made of brass and has a length of 11.5cm and width of 7.5cm at widest point. The round nose is 4.5cm across the top. The other side shows extensive damage from top to bottom after hitting the ground. On the base is an empty tracer hole, surrounded by a number and some letters.

Top row: N ? 7,

Middle row: ? M G R or P L or A,

Bottom row: F ? ? J R or K.


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Hello Nismosonic,
The brass projectile was found on an old WW2 army training area, which I recently came across. It has old-fashioned lettering on the base, something like you would see in the early 1900's. In the area where it was found were the remains of exploded shrapnel from 60lb SAP rocket heads. The shrapnel was scattered over the hillsides for hundreds of metres in every direction. I don't know if these rocket heads were fired on the site during the war or blown up after the war. Its an unusual find and the top end of it reminds me of a 2 pound flathead projectile in appearance, but only larger. On closer inspection the top row of characters on the base looks like N 1 7. This much brass got me thinking that it may be part of an early made projectile of some type, but that's only a guess. Where are all the artillery experts when you need some identification, only joking guys, I've got no idea what it's from and I'm stumped too.
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There are more members on BOCN now, so I'm bumping this up to see if anyone can identify it.
Hopefully someone knows, as I'm still stumped as to what it is.
Another year has passed and now there are even more members on BOCN, so I'm bumping this up to see if anyone can identify it.
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