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Assault Grenade & 75mm Short Round

Pictures of 75mm short round for pocket artillery and a salt grenade.


  • 75mm Short Round.JPG
    75mm Short Round.JPG
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  • 75mm Pockect Artillery Shell.JPG
    75mm Pockect Artillery Shell.JPG
    13 KB · Views: 23
  • A Salt Grenade.JPG
    A Salt Grenade.JPG
    14.8 KB · Views: 28
ew nasty trench art,but it is a good way of displaying a fuze

Nasty trench art? You didnt see the gawdawful gold plated, zinc wreath with the cigarette holders that was drilled and glued (!) to the edge of the cut off shell. It was cast with flowers, angels and cherubs (!!!) lounging around on it. Tangible proof of the existence of evil.