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Auction lot coming up for sale. ID needed please


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Hi chaps,as the topic title says...

Do any of you lads know what these are?,left to right if possible.


Hi Waff, OK this is only a long shot, but I hope fairly accurate-if the others all pitch in you should get a fairly good idea of what is there.
2 x 3.7 AA Cases-look unfilled/unused
2 x 40/60 Bofors complete
1 x 75 mm Field case (American/French?)
1 x 3.5 in 25 pounder HE Projectile
1 x either 3.7 or 4.5 inch Projectile HE
1 X fired 75 MM APCBC less Ballistic cap
1 x 105 mm Howitzer case
1 x 18 pounder Shrapnel shell
1 x 3 pounder round 1WW ??
2 x 40 mm 2 pounder cases
1 x 40 mm Pom Pom case
As for the other bits it is very hard to identify them, but it is a nice little collection of goodies and if they are at the right price I hope you get them !
Good luck.:woohoo:
Re:Auction lot coming up for sale. ID needed pleas

Hi Chris and thank you for that very informative answer.
The items are out of the country,i got the tip from a pal of mine.I kinda hoped there was some german amongst the cases,but never mind!

again thanks,


Hi Waf

The two bombs are British 10 or 11.5 lb Practice Bombs - only distinguishable by weight.


Re:Auction lot coming up for sale. ID needed pleas

Ok and thanks for the extra info eodda.


the aircraft bomb on its nose is a british 25lb practice bomb and the white one is I beleve a british 20lb frag bomb
Re:Auction lot coming up for sale. ID needed pleas

jayteepee_1999 wrote:
the bomb on its nose is a 25lb practice bomb

You mean on its tail!;)

Thanks,but i think the auction closed a while back.It was in Canada so i might have had fun with customs.


the grey looking one on its nose is the 25lb aircraft bomb - the wronf forum msg was a reply to anotherr item to another person - my privious quote stands

Hi sorry should have given diamentions they are Max Dia = 50M/M
Height = 25M/M
Thread = 3x12M/M
Total height inc threaded portion = 40M/M
Re:Re ident

Well Done yes its the nose switch fromthe (55)A fuze
Re:Re ident

This book may be of interest to members Re fuzes.
German air-dropped weapons to 1945. Wolfgang Fiescher.