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Austro-Hungarian Artillery 1867 to 1918

'The Austro-Hungarian Artillery from 1867 to 1918; Technology, Organization and Tactics'. M.Christian Ortner. Verlag Militaria 2007. 10 x 12 x 2, 637 pages, over 1200 photographs, design sketches and illustrations. BUY THIS BOOK. "But I'm not interested in Austro-Hungarian stuff. I only collect these things..." Excuse me for interupting you but, Do you like artillery? Ammunition? Fuzes? Like the development, history and technical minutia of weaponry? It is all in this book in high quality, high resolution photos and period diagrams printed on high quality paper. And since so much of what was developed in one country was used/copied by another and artillery developement followed trends you'll find plenty here to supplement your area of expertise/interest(lots of German, British, French, Russian examples presented). If youve had an interest in military history and weaponry for a long time youll be thrilled to see loads of new photographs. And for ammunition/fuze collectors the pages from original ordnance manuals are excellent. And there is lots here you may not have considered/been able to find in the application of artillery, as well as the logistical implications and manufacturing demands that war time stresses put on industry and the nation in their need of artillery. As a bonus there are chapters on machine guns (manual and automatic), and trench mortars. The toy like 37mm infantry gun , the earliest anti-aircraft guns, on up to the monsters like the 42cm howitzer. You have only to see this book and if you have to you will hit up your friends, people you dont like and people you dont know to get the money to buy it ( it aint cheap) because you wont want to leave without it. One question you wont find the answer to in the book is "Why hasnt somebody done a book like this on the artillery of (insert country of preference here)?". If you are familiar with "Collector Grade" publications this is that type of quality.
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