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AZ 23 umg m.2 V.


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I just want to show and share a couple of cutaways, I made in the past.
This is the AZ 23 umg. with 2 delays (AZ 23 umg m.2 V.)
Mrfuze, USA


  • AZ 23 umg m.2V., cut, 1, GE,.jpg
    AZ 23 umg m.2V., cut, 1, GE,.jpg
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Hi Erhard
I was told years ago that you you did a great cutaway and there is the proof really superb
Hi Richard,
yes I did all these cutaways (approx. 250 ) in the last 15 years.
I think only who did a cutaway in life knows, how much work they are.
But it's my passion all these years.
Erhard, Mrfuze, USA
Hi Erhard,
Absolutly fantastic job, i can only imagine how long it takes to get a sectioned item to look like that. Look forwrd to seeing more,
Best Weasel.