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B.l 4 Inch Mortar Ammunition


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Just found this amongst my cds,can anyon tell me anything about it,what its from etc,,,thanks for looking spotter


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I am almost certain this is British Naval, but can't find anything else about it either, would be good to find out more.
I am pretty sure it is from an early version of the hedhog anti-submarine mortar system. The system would throw 10 of them in a pattern over the position of a suspect submarine. There were at least two other larger versions including the Mk 6 AS mortar that went out of service in the 1980's. The other version of the hedgehog and its fuze is on another thread on the site. Some versions were also called the Mk 10 AS Mortar system (it fired the Mk 6 projectile) and was also called the Limbo although some versions had shorter barrels. There are a few websites that cover the system if not the ammunition.


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You are correct. A good site with some good info on it here. http://www.ammunitionpages.com/categories.html?cat_id=164 (Australian of Course).

I have plenty of photos and images of the ammunition from the Mk 10 AS Mortar including Mk4 Prac and Mk 6 HE projectiles as they seem to pop up here all over the place including former Navy depots, in trawler nets and inert ones in the middle of paddocks on the proof range I ran fro a while. I have come across the Hedgehog /7.2 in medium sized version and once came across the smaller version. Unfortunately I got my pictures mixed up. The original picture from this thread is from the BR 932 Handbook of Ammunition (RN pub) which gives a good description of the ammunition.