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B1 Rapier S/A Launcher


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From Rounds to Rockets !!!! Here we have a Rapier surface to air launcher,I have restored the launcher but have the complete Blindfire system with it, which consists of the Radar trailer and the remote sighting equipment.This particular unit served on the Falklands during the campaign in the early 80's but as you can see I have restored it to Gulf war livery where they also served in the 90's.
This type of launcher has now been replaced by its bigger brother which carries 8 rockets instead of 4.
The rockets it carries are the standard drill unit of which I have two spare which I would trade for QF 6pdr items.



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This particular unit has had its internal organs removed so it can only be used as a static display.There isn't many of these around so if you are looking for one you have to take what comes along !
that is truly stunning..thank you for sharing with us all

Couldnt have put it better!

I remember going to an Army display when i was a young lad and the soldier let me put the helmet on.You could see the crosshair through the lense and the missile battery moved when you moved your head!

Top day out indeed!


Great stuff. ... makes the water run out of my mouth.:tinysmile_shy_t: