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Barn Finds !


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How often have you seen an item for sale, where the seller states that it was recently found in a French Barn or similar ? I'm not saying that it doesn't happen, but more often than not it's just a story to entice the prospective buyer.
I found this picture recently on the net, but I cannot remember where, it shows top left a WW2 US Mk 2 Pineapple grenade, top right, A British No 82 Gammon grenade which looks swollen giving me the idea that the HE within has absorbed moisture, bottom left a US M 15 WP grenade and bottom right what looks like either a US Anti Tank rifle grenade or an early Bazooka round. All genuine period stuff found recently in the wall of a French Barn ! sorry for not having more details, but I thought it was worth sharing. Tony.
Now thats one good discovery,,behind the gammon looks like theres another ,some pressure rings off US mines and some other bits n pieces