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Here's the BAT sub


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I just got done watching "Lock-N-Loaded with R. Lee Ermey. On this episode he was explaing about all the different types of rockets and warheads that the MLRs could use. He then stated that MLRS could shoot different rockets and different types of warheads. One of which was the "Bat" round. He stated that the actual "BAT" round that was shown would be a submunition. It also had to take the place of two other rockets when loaded up onto to the box. One other item, the BAT round is a anti-tank round.

Just FYI,

The chart of delivery vehicles shows how many missiles each rocket could carry as submunitions. The MLRS is relatively small in diameter and can only carry 2 BATs per warhead, and it can only travel about 18 miles. The ATACMS is 2 Ft. in diameter and can carry 13 BATs to 100 mile range. THe MLRS/ATACMS launch vehicle can either carry 2-6packs of MLRS (12 Missiles) or 2 ATACMS missiles. The launch cannisters for the ATACMS are made to look like the MLRS, so an enemy can't tell what type missiles the vehicle is carrying.

Thanks for your compliment. My recent Avatar might have been discussed in another thread, but I didn't see it. And yes Dano, there wasn't anything wrong with the old one, I'm just in a bombing mood. All Ordnance, all Eras, all Nations, all the time!
Hi hazard

yes a few of the avatars were discussed in a previouse thread mine included think mine caused quite a stir can't think why lol

From bazooka chris
Bit of footage of the BAT here on you tube [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fMZuqQhbJ3k"]YouTube- Brilliant Anti-Tank (BAT)[/ame]