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Beach photos from Wales.


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Just a few photos from one of my favorite beaches on the Gower, West Wales.
All left well alone of course but they make some interesting pictures.
The beach seems to have a mix of 25 pounders, 4 inch Naval, Bofors 40mm and 17 pounder APDS cores.
I understand its a former WW2 firing range but its been open to the public for at least the last 35 years (that's how long I've been doing there) - I assume you EOD guys have made it nice and safe for Joe public?


  • Gower May 07 036.jpg
    Gower May 07 036.jpg
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  • Gower May 07 038.jpg
    Gower May 07 038.jpg
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  • Gower May 07 041.jpg
    Gower May 07 041.jpg
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doesnt look nice n safe ,,,when we do area clearance we remove all finds like this ,its probably a regular clearance task done periodically ,due to stuff been washed up shifting sands etc
EOD just don't and cannot go out without being tasked by the Police. If this is recent, have you contacted the Police?
Looks like a good place to send my mother in law for a beach holiday.