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Beacon dial sight L3A1


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Ok,thats what it says on the label, but what was it used for and what was it used on? Two sets of LED's operated via a 3 way switch all powered by a nine volt battery allowing you to either illuminate the circular pattern of lights or else the two straight lines. Comes with its own dovetail and locking screw. Thats as much as I know...can anybody tell me more?


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Dial Sights are used to lay guns for indiect fire.

They were used with a mirror to provide a local reference by laying the sight to it's reflection in the mirror. You basically had a zero line and all the guns were setup parallel to this. I have forgotten the exact details how it all worked.

The sights used to have a trilux beacon on them for use a night.

Perhaps this is a later replacement for the trilux reference.

I think the Army no longer uses Dial Sights now they have gone over to GPS Computerised laying.
Thanks for the reply...I can see that GPS would have replaced this old technology. I have seen the same sort of kit laid out as part of the equipment issued to machine guns in the past, whereby a light on a stand was placed in front of the guns for use at night to define their lines of fire.