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Belgian M67 sweep grenade tech drawimngs


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Hi guys, is there anyone out there who can shed light on or translate some of the text on these tech drawings for a 50's/60's issue Belgian M67 \"sweep\" grenade ? thanks in advance, Tony.
Hi Roller
..send me the scans in High res quality and i'll try to translate for you (or maybe some other docs in English)

Cheers and have a great weekend all
Many thanks for the time and effort, I now have the pdf file and will study it further when I have more time, thanks again, Tony.
Just reviving this old thread with some pictures of my newest piece ;-)

It's the M67 OFF GR SWEEP 1/2 oz.

More pictures and info from this grenade are in the attached pdf


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  • BEL-M67 Off GR Sweep.pdf
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