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Beltring finds


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Here is a list of what I found at Beltring, I can post photos if anyone wants them.

British made 20x139 Steel case made by BMARCo in 1982.

Dummy aircraft starter cartridge. No rings inside case and no primer or primer pocket, simply "DUMMY/64" stamped in straight line on case head.

4.5" Howitzer Mark I case (not bad for 3).

Three 4.5" Howitzer mark II cases, one unfired.

Early 25 Pounder case headstamped 3.45", made in 1937.

1.1" US Navy AA case
4.5 Howitzer casings

Nice stuff Falcon, Would not mind seeing pics of MK1 and MKII howitzer cases if possible (headstamps)..Dano