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Bitish 3" inch mortor round


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A British 3" inch mortor round from a freind, looks nice but not sure if its H.E with the red band around ?


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good pictures

Good pictures but now im even more confuzed as it now it looks like the F.M round and not H.E , do you think someone has tryed to mark it up like Ather half`a-job ! and not completed it ? cheers stu
To me it looks like an unfinished project made up from bits,i did one up last year http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/3-inch-mortar-t5563.html
If you look at mine you will see the gain/fuze adapter should be screwed flush with the round.The body on yours looks to be in sound condition and worth refurbing ,the tail looks sad keep a look on the auction sites someone was selling a good tail unit recently.

just found the good tail unit its on spec auctions http://www.specialistauctions.com/auctiondetails.php?id=1344092
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