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Blue Steel


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Here are some pictures of some guidance sections from Blue Steel. The sections are part of the inertial navigation system for the missile. They came from Elliots when they closed and I think they are prototypes.
Here are the pictures, they didn't make it earlier...


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And the final picture...

The sections are shaped to follow the contour of the missile.


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I saw an electronic fuze for a Blue Steel missile for sale on the net a while ago, I can't remember where.
Godnoze what happened to that link, just type in blue steel on the search function on Johns web site and it'll take you there.
When I saw the heading I thought that someone had the entire missile in their collection. That would use up a bit of space...
I once saw a super programme on telly that showed the test launch sites of these missiles at RAF Spedaedum in Cumbria.
I would have liked to go and have a look someday but a rumour tells me thats where all the contaminated sheep were buried in the great Foot and Mouth disease outbreak back in `01 :sheep::saint:


:hmmmm2: or.... Am i thinking of the Blue Streak missile programme?



Blue Streak was a ballistic missile.

Blue Steel was a rocket powered stand off nuclear bomb, launched from Vulcans.