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bocn patches post apologies


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Ok folks im really sorrry ,i have screwed up,i tried to merge Dano,s post about the patches jolly green has kindly had made ,with another post on the same subject and have lost dano,s original thread,,im really sorry about this.
For those of you that missed the post it conatained a lot of thank you messages to Jollygreen who has had some top quality patches made to help raise funds towards bocn running costs.These patches can be purchased in the UK by contatcting Paul the grenade
On behalf of admin i would like to officially thank jolly green for taking the time and effort in getting these produced,and everyone else involved in distributing these great patches ,its really appreciated.
again i apologise for losing the post
Greetings fellow BOCN members!

I recently took it upon myself to have these fine patches made up as a fundraising item for the BOCN website.
I took some for gifts and barter and the balance I sent to Paul the Grenade as he stepped up and offered to sell them. Thanks Paul!!!
100% of the money raised in the sale of these patches goes directly towards the operations of the site. So you see, it's a win-win situation.
Your money gets a patch or patches and it goes to site's operations.

Please help to support this fine website.


Thanks Guys
Best Regards
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