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Bofors 20x311


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This ones just awesome, looks completely outrageous but is real!!

They made about 20 of them for fuze testing at very high speeds.

All inert of course.



  • Bofors 20x311.JPG
    Bofors 20x311.JPG
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Oooh!,My mate will like that pic when i show him tomorrow.

Where on earth did you get that?


The St Louis cartridge show, America......from a friend of a friend.

Hi, yes I'll e mail some to you - you're welcome to put them on the forum - I'm not that good at compressing them.
thats a weird looking shell sg500 any chance of a better pic

regards lee

Hi Lee I've finally got around to digging the round out so here's a better picture plus one of the headstamp.
Also is a photo of the label on the box (elsewhere the box is marked 9-50).
It was designed for fuze testing using a variety or projetiles with a velocity of........wait for it..........5340 ft/second!!!!!!



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