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Bofors I.D. wanted.


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Can any members give me a positive I.D. on this projectile please?

I'm sure its a 40mm Bofors S.A.P. practice but I don't have any reference in my 1938 or 1941 dated handbooks or the 1946 maintenance manual.

The body is stamped in descending order; P RB9o12 40mmIVT MH/C S 36 11-43

Overall length of projectile 155mm.

I wonder if anyone knows the official title or a picture (fingers crossed :) )


Are you absolutely sure that it is a Bofors and not a 2 Pounder A/T projectile-the reason I ask is the Driving band profile seems more representative of the 2 Pounder rounds!
Does it have a base plug for the tracer cap?
Hi Chris 42 RQ, I'm as sure as I can be that its 40mm Bofors.

Theres a empty push in type tracer pocket in the base.

I'm happy to be proved wrong if any members know better.

Thanks HarryG, Practice-AP MkIVT.

Can I ask if you know a manual were this is referenced?

Its only when you get something that you don't have any infomation on that I realise how many holes you have in your knowledge.

Thanks again for the I.D.

Hi Q
I wish there was a good reference manual on 40 Bofors rounds I only have a few bits & pieces from article I've picked up
There is a book out by Terry Gander on the Bofors gun.

Whether or not this has any info on ammunition I don't know.

The 40mm Bofors Gun by Terry J.Gandar ISBN 0-85059-840-0.

A good book if you want an overall picture of the history of the Gun.

Very little info on the ammunition, states that the 'T' after the mark number of the round indicates a projectile with a gilding metal driving band!

Lots of pictures of the guns.

Managed to find this information:

Practice shot 4T, Canada, integral tracer cavity.

Notes: Canadian, Steel, similar to A.P. Shot Mk 6T.

Red tracer, time of burning 5-7 secs.

Source: user handbook of anti aircraft ammunition. 1949.