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Bonzo Anti-Aircraft Ammunition


Hi all

Has anyone come across reference to "Bonzo" ammunition (possibly a type of proximity fuze)?

I have two references, one from a war diary where the quote states "93 rounds Bonzo expended" and another where it states Bonzo proximity fuzes.

Incidentally, Firepower The Royal Artillery Museum, doesn't know either!

Any ideas?


Hi Phil
I thought i would try various search engines with Bonzo ammunition all it comes up with the 1960,s band called Bonzo Do Dah band , which is nothing to do with ammunition But does date me as i remember them well!
Hi OpAck,
Can't help you there not something i have come across, do you know the country of origin of the report.? Might help narrow it down a bit.

But Steve as for the other do you remember "the intro and outro"

Best Weasel.