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Anybody around here collect Booby-Traps, not the kind you make in the field, but the ones that are your country's issue(d)?
I've got some of the more common US, UK, Serb, Russian, etc, but its not really my main area of interest and they are kind of mixed in with APERs stuff and such (see picture).

There is a collector here in the NL that has one of the best collections in the world, hundreds of examples and a fantastic collection. There are also some premier EOD collections located in Europe as well.


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Hi V40
I always found the `off the cuff` made in the field ones the most interesting!! - as well as the most damning in some cases.
On my EOD/IED course we had to rustle up a few in the 1st week off the tops of our heads. Very worrying how some peoplesminds work!!
V40, I've got the more common US ones as well. Trying to find the original boxes can be fun.
My stuff is mixed in with the mines too.


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Thanks Jack, I added a couple more photos. The photos are a couple of years old.
Hazord those photos are better than Viagra!!! Holy Moses!

I am humbled once again...
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I thought I had allot. You guys and your collections are just simply AMAZING! Thanks for putting up you're collections on this sight! I definately want to take a trip o NL, USA Subs, and over to England. I could sit in your houses ALL day while you tell me about your collections!

Thanks Jolly! Back away from the boobytraps, don't get excited. Here's a couple more for different directions. The long brown goodie at the bottom of 5 is a Jap bar mine. Appologies for the disorganization. A proper display is a few months down the road.


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Seems like we've heard the "proper display" story before John. Wasn't that what the new building was for?
Jeff, the new building was to get the Ordnance out of the house. The annex to the building was to make more room, and you know what happened after that.
I got the most common ones but always looking for some new.


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I have a few switches ect from the site of Camp X..all are safe!!!
These were used as training aids for those being tought at the camp.
Most have been donated to the Camp X Museum in Whitby Ontario, which I help run.

Love that sort of thing.

I have some of the mehanical ones that were used in WW2 and the Vietnam War. But I don't nearly have the same as you guys! Congratulations!

I also have had experience in making my own in the bush at one of our classes at O.P.O.T.A. (our state law enforcement academy) entitled "Booby Traps and Trip Wires". I also took classes on Mantracking which taught me alot. Then I took a class from my friend, David Scott-Donelan and his LEO Tracking Course which kicked my arse.

Yes. it is amazing to watch others, including myself, on how evil we can get when it comes to setting them up in the field.