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bosnian made round for grenade launcher M57


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90mm round M93 for grenade launcher M57


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The color of the rounds you have been posting is different from the normal "Bosnian" green that I am used to seeing. Do you have any info about this particular color?


this round is produced during war in Metallurgic Institute in Zenica. There are several colors used on different types of ammunition made there depending on which color was easier to find at the moment. i have several 82mm recoilless gun rounds in 4 different colors, pale green, olive drab, pale blue and khaki.

i have no detail piece of information about this specific color except info provided on image.
Thanks for the information. Could you take a photo that shows all four colors at the same time, with 4 pieces of different color ordnance?


Nice..... I would love to find a real one....


Mine is a US training dummy (made of plastic)...



VT1, M61
TX(?) KV 6801 VK
TX 50

HL M57
KV 6801-1
TX(?) means TX50. it is designation for explosive filler 50:50 composition od TNT and hexogen.

KV 6801 means Krusik Valjevo (factory name) and 6801 is year of production 1968 and first series of that year.

@hazord...i will take the photos one of these days
Here a cutaway of the M-57.


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thanks for in the info guys very interesting
does anybody have one of these rounds for sale ? or even a dummy one of it ? or maybe even a scaled drawing that i could possibly make a dummy round from ? as i have a deactivated launcher but dont have a round for it cheers

from bazooka chris
Just come across this site. Last year I found a correct M-57 training round at Beltring. It is metal with working sprung fins. It was from a Slovenian dealer & cost 50. It also unscrews in half so it can sit well in the launcher even with the de-ac pins in place. I cannot remember the name of the dealer, but will ask a few friends if the remember. Bear with me.
As I know originally this is a sub-cal training device.
But I don't know what thing be on the nose tube.
As I know originally this is a sub-cal training device.
But I don't know what thing be on the nose tube.

Well... I had a better look at it.... and guess what.. your right... the center tube pushed out....

Looks like a cleaning brush.

I went to the manuals I have after you said it was a training round and found a couple of pictures. Now all I need to do is find a fired sub-cal round and casing or 2 for my display.

My manuals dont show any other kit with the training round. Anyone know what else came with it? Cleaning rod/kit?
Storage tube or box?

Hi all,
have someone the correct denomination of this training M57 ?
I think that "Velbovna Mina M65" design the "sub munition". I found one in Kosovo, I'll post the picture when I found it back !!!


According to the manual it says the round is "Vezbovna mina M65" and the subcal round itself is "Metkic za vezbovnu mina M65"
Here the promise pictures of the subcal.



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